Zara advertising makes customers laugh

Zara advertising makes customers laugh

As a model you do something – not only fans of the series “Germany’s Next Top Model” know that. Having snakes wrapped around your neck or posing in pumps over Niagara Falls – you have to endure such jokes when vying for the attention of potential customers. The popular fashion company Zara has chosen a very special advertising strategy: confusing customers with absurd and involuntarily comical model photos.

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Those who shop for clothes on the Internet would like to see the goods presented by down-to-earth models in natural poses. You won’t find either in the Zara online shop. The advertising of the Spanish fashion house is so absurd and wacky that the whole Internet is already making fun of it. The craziest advertising pearls are collected on the Instagram page “Awkward Zara” (“Embarrassing Zara”).

1. The perfect couch outfit for the next lockdown.

2. It’s better not to get into the ring like this.

3. The jacket may be a size too big.

4. “Go on! There’s nothing to see here!”

5. Who needs mannequins?

6. Immediately catches the eye.

7. This fashion is perhaps a little too backward looking.

8. When all the trousers are in the wash again.

9. A coat for the public-shy Jedi Knight.

10. Casual pose or sneaky runabout?

11. My friend, the tree.

12. If you want to show what you have learned in the yoga crash course.

13. That one friend who helps you move completely dressed up.

14. This happens when mom helps you get dressed for too long.

15. She can wear it.

16. If you want to use the train toilet without touching your glasses.

17. Sit like a queen.

18. The duck looks at least as disturbed as the model.

19. “Look, Mommy: Today we went pottery!”

20. When you can’t decide whether you want to show off your knowledge of books or your athleticism.

One wonders what these bizarre photos are supposed to tell you. But if it’s all about getting noticed at any cost, you have to admit: Zara definitely succeeded.

The following pictures prove in a funny way that the fashion industry often loses its grip on the ground:

Thumbnails: © Instagram / awkwardzara © Facebook / KahveHaberleri

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