Yael Cohen begins breastfeeding the injured patient’s baby

Yael Cohen begins breastfeeding the injured patient’s baby

Which mother would breastfeed another woman’s baby? What was completely normal for a wet nurse in earlier times seems unthinkable today. But what if the baby’s mother cannot breastfeed herself and “foreign breastfeeding” is the fastest and best way to take good care of the child?

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At the Hadassah Clinic, a hospital in the city of Jerusalem in Israel, a mother had to help another in this way. After a serious accident, a woman was admitted there who had become the mother of a child four months ago.

The mother was seriously injured and absolutely unable to breastfeed her baby. But the hungry child wanted the breast and refused milk from the bottle. The injured woman’s Palestinian family were concerned, as were the hospital staff.

Until one of the nurses made a decision. Yael Cohen had a child himself a year ago and was still breastfeeding, so milk was available. Since the mother herself was not responsive, Yael turned to the baby’s aunt and asked her permission to breastfeed the baby instead of the mother. The aunt agreed.

Yael went to work and began to breastfeed the baby that her breast luckily adopted. Soon she was breastfeeding it several times a day, and the child could fall asleep satisfied and full.

“We were very relieved when the baby finally drank after crying for hours with hunger,” said the child’s aunt. The family is grateful to the Jewish nurse for her commitment. “Not every woman would have done what she did, it is not easy to breastfeed a baby that is not your own.”

Now the family and hospital staff together hope that the child’s mother will recover quickly from her injuries. Until then, it is comforting to know that the young child is being lovingly cared for and well fed.

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