Wrapping gifts and wrapping gifts nicely – 7 ideas

Wrapping gifts and wrapping gifts nicely – 7 ideas

“It’s way too nice to unpack!” Or: “How did you do it?” – Sentences like these are the ones that echo through a room when a nicely wrapped present is presented.

But how can gifts be presented so artfully? It must take forever, do you think? Not correct! We’ll show you how you can not only wrap gifts, but also wrap gifts nicely – in next to no time! Here are the 7 most adorable ideas for wrapping gifts.

1. Spherical gift

Wrapping a spherical object like a ball like a parcel actually never looks good in the end. It is much better to wrap the wrapping paper around the spherical object and then secure it with a pretty bow.

2. Gift boxes with compartment opening

Anyone can buy gift boxes! You make a lot more impression with self-made containers. Just take a nice paper cup, cut off the top edge and cut the cup vertically all around at regular intervals.

Then put the present in the mug and fan the incisions – and the pretty present box is ready, doesn’t break when you open it and is easy to reuse.

3. Gift boxes with a heart opening

A heart is the symbol of love in general, so why not give away a gift box with a heart lock to a loved one? First cut out the template for the paper gift box …

… and transfer them to colored cardboard.

Now cut out the cardboard and fold it.

Then, as shown in the video, fold the box and place the gift inside.

4. Too little wrapping paper

When packing up, finding that the piece of wrapping paper intended for it is too small is really annoying, but no reason to cut a new piece off the roll. Simply lay the item to be packed diagonally to the corners of the wrapping paper …

… and you can wrap it up really nicely.

5. Heart-shaped envelope

You can also make your loved ones happy with small, homemade gifts. For example, cut a heart out of wrapping paper and fold it into an envelope as shown in the video. Then put a personal message in this extraordinary envelope, which unfolds as a big heart after opening.

6. Pack the bottle

A good wine or sparkling champagne is a popular gift, but it is a challenge when it comes to packing. This gift becomes a very special eye-catcher if you wrap it with double-sided adhesive tape and then attach delicious chocolates to it. Then glue cut colored paper around the neck of the bottle and wrap the bottle in transparent wrapping paper – you’re giving away a bottle in the trendy pineapple style.

7. Homemade gift boxes

A homemade gift always goes down well. If you still want to surprise with something you’ve bought, you can at least make the gift box yourself. First cut the template for the lid of the gift box …

… made from patterned cardboard.

Then fold them into a lid as shown in the video. Then also cut the template for the bottom of the gift box …

… made from cardboard and fold it to the bottom of the gift box. Now all you have to do is put your present in the pretty gift box – done.

As of today, you are no longer one of those people who only accept fancy gifts and hand over simply wrapped creations. Instead, you belong to this cool club of people who not only somehow wrap gifts, but can also wrap gifts nicely and are showered with heaps of ohs and ahs when handing them over – so giving gifts is twice as much fun!

There are more ideas for wrapping gifts in the video above or here:

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