Wiley Storment dies in his sleep

Wiley Storment dies in his sleep

It’s a mild summer evening in August. Jessica Brandes and JR Storment only moved into their new home in Portland (USA) with their twin sons Wiley and Oliver a few weeks ago. That evening they have friends over and the 8-year-old twins romp around on the trampoline with the other children in the garden.

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For dinner, the family orders Indian curry, Wiley’s all-time favorite. Full, tired, happy and with a goodnight kiss on his forehead, Wiley closes his big blue eyes and falls asleep next to his brother and best friend Oliver. But the little boy should never wake up again.

Wiley dies in his sleep without warning. The cause of death is believed to be SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy), a sudden, unexpected death in epilepsy that occurs in about 1 in 5,000 children with epilepsy.

The boy was only diagnosed with Rolandic epilepsy 9 months before his death; this is a benign epilepsy in childhood that occurs during sleep. The seizures usually end with the onset of puberty and the doctors also gave the student a good prognosis.

Instead, the 8-year-old is torn from life from one day to the next. Although the parents are still numb from the pain of losing their young son, they have decided to publish their story on the social network LinkedIn. “We mourn very much. But what helps us is to share our story with you, ”explains mother Jessica. “We’re healing slowly as we talk about it.”

The doctor also tells of the terrible moment when she found her child: “It seemed as if Wiley was only sleeping in for a long time. I looked after him and saw a child sleeping peacefully in his bed. But at some point I became suspicious.

Oliver was playing next to his brother on his iPad and I found it strange that Wiley hadn’t woken up yet. I pulled back the covers and saw the purple corpse marks on his legs. That told me my son had been dead for at least 8 hours. I felt his pulse and only felt his cold skin. “

Jessica calls the ambulance anyway. But she has an even more difficult call to make to her husband. And tell him that their son is no longer alive.

It feels like an eternity before the police and coroner finally release the children’s room and the parents are allowed to go to their child to say goodbye. “I lay down next to him in his beloved bed, held his hand and kept repeating: ‘What just happened, my darling, what just happened?'”, Recalls Papa JR

“We stayed with him for 30 minutes and patted his head. When he was brought out on a stretcher, I ran alongside him and put his hand through the body bag. “

Since that day there has been a huge gap in the small family. A void that was previously filled by Wiley’s laughter. Nothing and nobody can prepare you for the loss of your own child, brother or best friend. But Jessica, JR and Oliver try to keep the memory of Wiley alive in their hearts.

“He was happy, smart, artistically gifted, funny and a great dancer,” writes Jessica. “He had beautiful blue eyes and felt out of his clothes every 2 weeks. He had already traveled to 10 countries and was in love once. His heart has never been broken. “

Above all else, the couple would like to pass on the message to other parents that they appreciate the time with their children – as long as they can: “If we have learned anything from this experience, it is to remind others not to miss the things that count most.

Life is fragile and our time is limited. Most of all we wish we had more time. If you are a parent and can spend more time with your children, do so. “

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