Vet appeals to unreasonable puppy buyers

Vet appeals to unreasonable puppy buyers

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the illegal puppy trade has been booming worldwide like never before. The consequences of many of these often very hasty puppy purchases are completely overwhelmed dog owners and overcrowded animal shelters.

A veterinarian now anonymously appeals to unreasonable puppy buyers in a Facebook post by meticulously showing them the serious consequences of their rash actions:

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“Today a man brought his puppy to me. The puppy was a large, very stormy young dog. He raced into my treatment room and jumped at me excitedly, all the while wagging his tail and nudging my hand with his snout over and over again. His huge, squishy paws crashed into my chest every time he paused to greet me again while he ran excitedly around the room, examining all the unfamiliar smells. He was an unusual hybrid, which gave him a special appearance and obviously a lot of intelligence and energy. He was just gorgeous.

His story, however, is less:

The dog was bought as a tiny puppy by a couple who had been told that the breed was a hybrid of two known small breeds of dogs. Well, if these people had had the slightest inkling of what they were doing, it would have been immediately clear to them that this dog was not a hybrid of two small breeds. Anyway, the two of them had no idea, so they bought the cute little puppy from this dubious puppy dealer (probably for a few hundred bucks) and brought him to their home with a toddler. The dog got a bit bigger and it became more and more obvious that he was going to get very big. He was crazy, energetic, and destructive. He kept jumping around wildly, knocking the little child over. So they passed it on to a relative.

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The relative also had children, but they were a bit older. The relative tried to do the right thing by trying to ‘discipline’ the dog. Then the dog gradually began to show signs of aggression, behaving in the house completely hyperactive, destructive and uncontrollable. That did not surprise me, because I was aware that there was genetic material in him that made for a strong urge to move and slight irritability. They tried to magically solve the problem by having the dog neutered. Which, surprisingly, made no difference.

My puppy on his very first visit to the vet

Today he brought the dog to me to put to sleep. The animal had bared its teeth when one of the children pressed its face to the dog’s. Because of this – and because the circumstances within the family would have changed a lot – the owners no longer felt able to keep the dog. They tried to bring the dog to various animal welfare organizations, but they are all full. The owner didn’t know anyone to take the dog to. There was no way he wanted to take the dog home again, partly for safety reasons, partly because the family had come to the conclusion that this was the best solution for everyone involved. So I put this healthy, affectionate, dynamic dog to sleep while he was chewing on treats and the third owner in this dog’s short life buried his face in his fur, howling. When I was left alone with the poor puppy’s body, I started to cry too.

Mourning feels trip. Man holds his dog after she died of smoke inhalation. They aren’t pets, they’re family!

I know that there are now people who think that I was right to euthanize a dog who showed signs of aggression, under whatever circumstances. I disagree.

I also know that there are people who find it reprehensible that I put a dog to sleep that I could have taken in to find a new home for him. I disagree.

I know there are many, many people who have no idea that something like this is happening all the time in this country because there are irresponsible, ignorant and greedy people who sell dogs to stupid, unsuitable people who then sell them to naive people to pass on thoughtless ‘rescuers’ who then bring them to me – with their wisdom at the end – so that I can put them to sleep. Again and again!

My pup is always sun bathing in the yard … today I decided I’d go lay with him. He appreciated it. He put his head on my arm and I took this. I swear he’s a person. There’s a soul behind those eyes.

These are the dogs who then bite children in their home – due to lack of expertise, realistic expectations, and lack of effort on the part of their owners to socialize them appropriately.

These are the dogs whose owners can raise four-figure sums of money to buy the latest and greatest designer dog with a silly, made-up name, but then can’t even afford to get them vaccinated, let alone treated for minor illnesses.

These are the dogs that overcrowd animal shelters all over the country, where they wait with thousands and thousands of others for a home without children, without conspecifics, with four meter high fences and with an owner who has experience in dealing with behavioral problems works from home who owns steel furniture and can hand over a checked check anytime the dog falls unexpectedly ill. A home that doesn’t exist in the real world.

These are the dogs I must euthanize because I know it is more gracious to let them go painlessly than to doom them to rot in the kennel side by side with the next population of difficult dogs for the rest of their lives.

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Please, please, I beg you! Get advice before you get a dog – from a veterinarian, a qualified dog trainer, the respective breed association or animal welfare organizations. The information is freely available, there is no excuse for it. Reach out to a good breeder who has a waiting list or to an animal shelter that really looks ahead to find a suitable pet for you. Find out how to properly raise your puppy so that you can move him to a new home if your circumstances change. Make sure that you always have some money set aside for the unexpected and that your expectations of your dog are real.

You’re welcome! I just can’t do it anymore. “

These are clear words! Do you know similar cases in which someone was completely overwhelmed with his dog? Fortunately, not every four-legged friend shares such a difficult fate. Here you can find articles about dogs that finally found a suitable home after a difficult start in life:

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