Valuable old things that have been passed on as heirlooms

Valuable old things that have been passed on as heirlooms

Every household has a few antiques that blend in with everyday life. Mostly they are everyday objects that have been passed down as heirlooms over generations, simply because they still work wonderfully.

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Sometimes it is well-cared for hiking boots that are still stable, comfortable, and waterproof. Sometimes it’s an ancient pocket watch that, freshly wound, still ticks precisely to itself.

The best part is that most of the old things are not only still fully usable, they also look really nice doing it. All it took was a little care and they could get through the decades unscathed.

1. Still cozy and warm

“That’s me in my favorite sweater in 1981. Then my son in 2017 and then my daughter in 2020.”

Me in my Snoopy sweater in 1981, my son in the same sweater in 2017, and my daughter in the same sweater in 2020. from r / BuyItForLife

2. A beautiful tool

“A 100 year old sewing machine from Singer. It still works perfectly. “

Our Singer sewing machine, 100 years old and works perfectly. from r / BuyItForLife

3. This is tough work

“The chest my family has kept their stuff in since 1682. The lock still works like freshly oiled. “

Oak chest. Storing family shit since 1682. Lock still working. from r / BuyItForLife

4. A rightly respected brand

“This KitchenAid stand mixer from the 1970s just needed a little paint and a little oil, and now it’s running like new again.”

Found this KitchenAid mixer from the 1970’s for $ 35. New grease and paint and it’s as good as new. from r / BuyItForLife

5. She still looks great

“My grandpa bought this 19th century bag second-hand when he went to school in 1951. Since then my mother, my uncle, my aunt and I have carried them. “

Oxford bookbag from 1880 or so. My grandpa got it used when he started high school in 1951. It has since been used and enjoyed by my mom, uncle, aunt and myself and is still durable. from r / BuyItForLife

6. Well cared for and without a scratch

“The 80-year-old cast iron pan is used every day.”

About 80 years old. Hand me down cast iron skillet, used daily. from r / BuyItForLife

7. Not to be broken

“The oldest surviving pair of jeans was found in a gold mine and is 136 years old.”

Worlds oldest pairs of Levi’s Jeans found in a goldmine 136 years later. from r / BuyItForLife

8. A lovely heirloom to write with

“My 97 year old fountain pen.”

My 97 year old waterman 52. from r / BuyItForLife

9. Still warm and elegant

“The lambskin coat my grandpa got in his 20s.”

For Christmas, my grandpa gave me the sheepskin coat he wore in his 20s. He is 70 now! Still in mint condition 🙂 from r / BuyItForLife

10. Worn out but still working

The thermos from the 70s was replaced by a new one in 2018.

Stanley Thermos used every day from 1970 to 2018 from r / BuyItForLife

11. A precise piece of craftsmanship

The pocket watch dates from before World War I and it still works.

My Grandfather’s Grandfather’s Pocket Watch, Which Made It Through WW1, And Still Works! from r / BuyItForLife

12. Photography doesn’t get any more analog

“This is the 1958 Rolleiflex camera that I inherited. It works perfectly and takes beautiful photos. “

Here is my 1958 Rolleiflex camera that was passed down to me. It still works perfectly and takes beautiful images. from r / BuyItForLife

13. They are well-worn antiques

“20 year old hiking boots.”

Going on twenty years. (Sorel) from r / BuyItForLife

14. Still looks good

“My great-grandparents fled to Argentina with this box in 1910.”

My Jewish great grandparents used this traveling case when they moved from Izmir, ottoman empire to Argentina in 1910. Still functional. from r / BuyItForLife

15. Not only stable, but also chic

A 60 year old rucksack from the Swiss Army.

My “new” 60 year old Swiss army salt and pepper backpack. from r / BuyItForLife

Valuable old things don’t always have to be precious old jewelry. Some antiques are normal things that you only notice when you take a closer look around the house. They have their place and are used every day – until it is time to hand them over to the next generation.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / Polytetrahedron

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