Transman Ezra Varley is surprised by tumor diagnosis

Transman Ezra Varley is surprised by tumor diagnosis

In the spring of 2020, Ezra Varley noticed that his pants no longer fitted properly because his stomach was getting bigger and bigger. But the 24-year-old didn’t think much of it at first. It certainly never occurred to him that something might be wrong with his health. Worst of all were initially inappropriate remarks about the transgender man’s clearly protruding stomach.

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“People asked me how far my pregnancy was,” Ezra recalls. An awkward situation for someone who identifies as a man. Soon, however, Ezra felt more than the tight waistband. Pain appeared in the pelvic area and liver. After eating, he felt nauseous and even small meals made him feel very full. Later there was also shortness of breath, a high urge to urinate, a sharp pain in the abdomen and back and a lot more.

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“Obviously it was stupid not to see a doctor earlier, but I was very good at clearing up my symptoms. I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, risk infection, or incur unnecessary medical expenses during the lockdown. I thought I was overreacting, ”explains the Canadian-based trans man.

Finally, the 24-year-old went to the doctor, also at the request of his partner. At this point, Ezra wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. An ultrasound scan, however, revealed worrisome things.

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“Three different doctors tried in vain to find my organs. From that point on, I began to really worry. ”After a blood test and a CT scan, the shocking diagnosis was made: ovarian cancer. Ezra, whose internal female reproductive organs are still in place, was found to have a tumor twelve inches in diameter.

His first reaction after diagnosis was loud laughter: “If you are told that a tumor is growing in your body that is one fifth of your weight, it is shocking and absurd.” It was only when he became fully aware of his situation that Ezra took hold an all-encompassing numbness and he cried for several days.

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“I recently turned twenty-four and was just getting my life under control after a difficult period. And then, in the midst of a global crisis, I get a cancer diagnosis. “

The 24-year-old had survived a long period of depression before the diagnosis and did not want to go back to this gray world. He looked hopefully at an operation that would save his life.

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And indeed she succeeded! Ezra’s tumor was successfully removed, as he announced on his TikTok account. He drew an important lesson from this: “Do not ignore your body. Many do it, but you should always take care of your body if something is wrong and do something about it. “

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