Tomcat Samuel is released from the carrying case after 2 years

Tomcat Samuel is released from the carrying case after 2 years

Every cat owner knows them: the handy boxes in which you can transport the furry four-legged friend – provided you manage to get them there successfully.

The practical containers are of course not made to house a cat for a long time. The very idea of ​​locking an animal in there for more than a few hours makes you uncomfortable.

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The operators of an animal shelter in Houston, Texas (USA) could not believe their eyes when a tomcat was brought to them that they were told had spent most of its 2-year life locked in a small transport box.

The helpers lured the intimidated Samuel out of his cramped prison with gentle words.

You could see his martyrdom clearly in him. He was only skin and bones, his fur was dirty and matted, his eyes were swollen shut from a bad case of mange.

The vets had little hope for Samuel, his body was too battered by years of abuse. They already planned to watch for a few days to see if his condition improved and, if not, to put him out of his suffering afterwards.

They posted a photo of Samuel on their Facebook page to draw attention to the cruelty inflicted on him. That was his great luck: Leslie Raines, a veterinary assistant from the area, saw the pictures and fell in love with the thin bundle of misery at first sight.

Leslie contacted the shelter and volunteered to be Samuel’s caregiver. She took him to a veterinary clinic, where the medics immediately began treating his mange and the pressure injuries that living in the tiny box had inflicted on him.

Leslie was convinced that behind Samuel’s wretched appearance was a handsome, healthy tomcat just waiting to come out. And little by little she saw that she would be right. While Samuel slowly gained weight and healed his illnesses, he first had to learn what it means to be able to move freely.

He didn’t know how to play, how to run, and how to sit on a sofa. He was literally afraid of his own reflection because he had never seen it before.

Slowly its thick, black and white fur grew back and became as beautiful, thick and fluffy as nature intended it to be. Despite his past, he was trusting and cuddly.

When Samuel had recovered enough, Leslie began looking for someone who would give him a permanent new home. And his new picture caught someone’s eye immediately: Bryan Smith had lost his beloved cat a year earlier and Samuel immediately reminded him of him.

When the two met, Leslie knew immediately that Bryan was the right person for Samuel. He was gentle, patient and exuded a friendly calm. Samuel was more relaxed than ever in his presence. He had made his choice: he wanted to stay with this man.

In the meantime he has even overcome his fear of furniture and likes to lie around on sofas and armchairs. And sometimes he even looks out the window without being frightened by his reflection.

He came out of a cramped prison and has learned to love his freedom.

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