The hairdresser Jack Martin encourages customers to have gray hair

The hairdresser Jack Martin encourages customers to have gray hair

You don’t just dye your hair once. Because after just a few weeks, the hairline reveals the natural color that you actually wanted to hide. This problem is particularly noticeable in gray-haired men and women who prefer a dark hair color – if you don’t want to be gray, you have to suffer and often re-dye it.

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About three years ago, a woman decided to break that cycle but still make the most of her natural gray hair color. She went to the California (USA) based hairdresser Jack Martin and had her hair dyed gray. The result was fantastic! The color gave its natural gray a special touch and was extremely easy to care for.

Since then, Jack Martin’s talent has encouraged more and more women to emulate that customer. He documents his art on the Instagram account “ׅ jackmartincolorist”:

1. “The whole procedure took twelve hours. That was the most difficult project I’ve ever had. “

2. “This delightful customer was from Northern California. I lightened her hair. “

3. “Sunday transformation. This beautiful customer came from Los Angeles and waited three months for her appointment. “

4. “It is important to match the hair color used to the hair that will grow back.”

5. “It was a very great pleasure for me to style this beautiful client’s hair. She is a beautiful soul, from head to toe. “

6. “How did I convert that disastrous hair into a handsome hairstyle? It took me eight hours. “

7. “This color match took six hours.”

8. “This beautiful customer wanted to dye her hair gray-silver so that it harmonizes with her natural gray hair roots.”

9. An incredible transformation.

10. “This lovely customer even came from Texas.”

11. A difference like day and night.

12. “This customer was fed up with dyeing her hair every three weeks. That’s why we decided to match your hair color to the hair roots. “

13. A pretty head of silver.

Stunning and amazing! Thanks to Jack Martin, his customers have discovered their natural beauty – and save themselves the constant re-dyeing.

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