The 7 best recipes with avocado

The 7 best recipes with avocado

Lots of unsaturated fatty acids, a large portion of vitamin E and numerous healthy fats make the avocado a super fruit! The creamy consistency and aromatic taste of the avocado make cold and warm dishes taste delicious – whether as breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.

Whether a crunchy avocado sandwich, a fruity avocado salad or aromatic avocado chicken – here are the 7 best recipes with avocado:

1. Avocado in puff pastry

As valuable as the avocado, as versatile as the puff pastry. So why not combine both? There are numerous recipes that can be prepared in no time, but still look pretty professional and also taste extremely good. So also this wonderful combination of avocado, ham and cheese in puff pastry.

Here is the recipe for the avocado in puff pastry; You will also find 7 other puff pastry snacks there.

2. Baked avocado with bacon

Nutrition experts advise eating an avocado every day. This won’t be difficult for you with our recipe for a baked avocado with bacon.

Here is the recipe for the avocado with bacon.

3. Summer meadow sandwich with avocado guacamole

Our recipe proves that cake doesn’t always have to be sweet. Because bread, guacamole, cream cheese, chicken breast and cucumber – cleverly layered and decorated with hearts – are simply unbeatable.

Here is the recipe for the wonderful summer meadow sandwich.

4. Avocado Chicken Salad in edible tortilla bowl

Always putting avocados on bread is boring, and in fact the berry (yes, the avocado belongs to the berry family!) Is more versatile than many think. How about a refreshing avocado salad, for example? If this is also served in an edible bowl, then the salad is of the The right eye-catcher at every barbecue party and on hot summer days!

Here is the recipe for the avocado salad in the tortilla bowl.

5. Avocado summer rolls

If the spring roll had a little sister, it would surely be the summer roll. Not so well known to many people, the difference is that summer rolls are served cold and wrapped in rice paper. This makes them ideal not only as a light starter, but also on hot days – especially if they are made with avocados.

Here is the recipe for the colorful summer rolls.

6. Bacon and spinach bread with egg and avocado

Eating bread for breakfast is not unusual at first. But does it always have to be that old cheese or jam bread? The answer is definitely no. Try this bacon spinach bread with egg and avocado and you won’t want to eat anything else for breakfast!

Click here for the recipe for the bacon-spinach bread with egg and avocado; You will also find two other delicious bread recipes there.

7. Avocado Chicken Skewers

We’ll never run out of toast ideas. The delicious, fluffy white bread is so versatile that you could actually eat toast 7 days a week. Sandwich, sandwich cake, French toast or toast cake – we’ve tried all of these in the kitchen. For example, if you like avocado, chicken, and cheddar, you will love the avocado chicken skewers.

Here is the recipe for the avocado chicken skewers; You will also find two more recipes for toasted bread skewers there.

Consider these 7 recipes with avocado as an introduction to a whole new life, a life in which the avocado, i.e. the super fruit, regularly makes you happy in the form of sandwiches, salads, etc.


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