The 7 best pizza recipes

The 7 best pizza recipes

She loves it dark and freezing. However, when it comes to light, it needs at least 20 minutes at 160 ° C in the crisp convection mode to really get the taste going: the frozen pizza.

You almost certainly have had one of these in your freezer in the past few weeks, right? Admittedly, there are many moments when a ready-made pizza is just the thing, for example after a long day at work or for a cozy movie night on the couch. But there are just as many occasions for which a ready-made pizza is not necessarily suitable, for example if you are expecting guests or if you want to really pamper yourself with culinary delights. If that applies to you, you will find exactly what you are looking for here. Because we present you 7 recipes that bring pizza in various, wonderful variations on the plate.

1. Pizza cake

A pizza cake is a Canadian specialty that is prepared in a saucepan or in a cake pan. There couldn’t be a better combination: cake and pizza. The pizza cake consists of layered tomato sauce, salami, various types of cheese and pizza dough. A dream for all pizza lovers! Who doesn’t get gasping for breath right away?

The recipe for the pizza cake can be found here.

2. Burger pizza with a spicy cheese crust

If you can’t decide between burger and pizza, how about a combination of both? Our burger pizza has a lot up its sleeve: melted cheese, XXL burger patty and delicious sauce!

The recipe for the burger pizza can be found here.

3. Pizza in bread

Who doesn’t love the delicious pizza straight out of the oven? But what if the guests are about to ring and you don’t have any yeast for the dough in the house? No problem – the next time you have a sociable evening with friends, surprise them with this ingenious variant. You have never tasted anything like this!

The recipe for pizza in bread can be found here.

4. Pizza cakes from the pan

Pizza is actually baked on a baking tray or rack, but not in this variant. Because the version of a wonderful pizza cake comes straight out of the pan.

The recipe for the pizza cake from the pan can be found here.

5. Pizza with sausage

Do you love pizza and barbecues? Then you shouldn’t miss this recipe, because it turns a sausage snail, mozzarella and tomato into a pizza that every delivery service can cut a slice of.

The recipe for the pizza with bratwurst can be found here.

6. Spaghetti bolognese pizza

Spaghetti bolognese and pizza are very popular with most people when it comes to eating something delicious, because each of these originally Italian dishes is unchallenged in terms of taste. But what if two layers of spaghetti suddenly enclose a layer of Bolognese and then topped with salami, mozzarella and cheddar cheese like a delicious pizza? Exactly, that would be the tasty heavenly kingdom!

The recipe for the spaghetti bolognese pizza is available here.

7. Pizza bowl with Bolognese filling

Another suggestion for a change: the effectively staged pizza bowl with a Bolognese filling. Their unusual appearance immediately inspires enthusiasm.

The recipe for the pizza out of the bowl can be found here.

In bread, from the bowl, as a cake or in combination with pasta and burgers – there are really no limits when it comes to “making your own pizza”! Which variation will you have on your plate next?


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