The 12 most unpopular sounds

The 12 most unpopular sounds

There are people who drive smacking noises, a pounding keystroke or nervous ballpoint pen clicking crazy. A humming fluorescent tube makes them so aggressive that they are on the verge of throwing coffee cups around in the office. Researchers call this phenomenon misophony: hatred of sounds.

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It is still a matter of dispute whether it is simply an overly sensitive annoyance or an illness. What is certain, however, is that there are noises that really make everyone’s stomach turn. Here is a small selection of the most unpopular sounds, sounds, and tones:

1. Death flute

How lucky it is that you rarely come across this thing: the Aztec death flute is certainly the most terrifying musical instrument in the world. Inside the flute there is a so-called chaos chamber, in which two streams of air collide and create a high-pitched screeching that sounds like the agonizing roar from hell. In addition, there is a deep whirring that the human brain cannot process – the listener falls into an aggressive, trance-like state that should incite the Aztec warriors to slaughter anyone who gets in their way. In this video you can listen to the flute.

2. Vomiting

On the other hand, in first place in an online survey with 501 women and men each was a different noise: the gushing emptying of stomach contents from the throat. In ancient feasts, deliberately inducing the urge to vomit was by the way quite common. You put a feather in your throat to make room for new food. However, it is unclear whether this was a heron feather and whether the expression “row” is derived from it.


3. Baby crying

The online survey also found that baby crying was at the top of the list of the most unpleasant sounds. Men in particular are less concerned about care than deep disgust when an infant speaks out loud.

#baby crying

4. Flatulence

Children are like gas – it’s something different when it’s your own. Here, too, there are gender-specific differences: While men are driven to the pit of their stomach by the blaring of babies, women feel noticeably disgusted by the rumbling thunder of intestinal winds.

Whoopee Trevor (Small)

5. Squeaky chalk

Cutlery that scratches over the porcelain plate, chalk drawn with sweeping motion over the blackboard or feedback on the microphone: piercing squeaks really hurt your ears. Because at high frequencies, the brain reacts with pain in order to protect the hearing, which can be damaged by constant beeping. Where and how severe this pain occurs differs from person to person. After all, the older you get, the less you are bothered by such sounds.

write like the wind

6. Badly played violin

Music is a matter of taste. But anyone who thinks classical music is doing something good for themselves should be warned: because a violin works on the same principle as squeaking blackboard chalk. Two objects – in this case the bow and string – slide past each other, but keep getting stuck. Especially with beginners, this often creates a squeak, whistle and creak that sends a shiver down your spine.

Gabrielle playing violin

7. Traffic noise

In a survey of hearing aid users, almost a third of the participants said they were disturbed by traffic noise. The constant sound level can even make you sick, as the body is put into continuous stress. The essential factor here, however, is subjective perception: the sound of the sea, which is acoustically similar to a busy road, reduces stress.

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8. Leaf blower

Subjective noise pollution is one thing, an objective increase in noise pollution is another. Leaf blowers rank very closely behind roads, airports and railways on the unpopular scale. Drills trigger aggression in 20 percent of those surveyed, as do vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers. “Laziness alone is divine,” said Nobel Prize winner Anatole France.

Man with leaf blower and ear muff

9. Arguing people

Nobody is cold when you hear the squabble of the neighbors through the walls. Some people even develop symptoms of anxiety and stress in the face of the disturbance of the peace, as if they were themselves involved in the argument. Others simply feel deprived of their good mood and in turn react with aggression.

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10. Thumping bass

In small towns in particular, it is popular with young people to meet with their cars in a parking lot on summer evenings and turn up the system. The subwoofer makes the bedside lamps of the residents tremble even a kilometer away and persistently tries to bring the heartbeat to the same rhythm.

Boot with subwoofer and amplifier

11. Dental drill

From the low frequencies back to the higher realms: Few other noises can panic you like the whirring screeching of a dentist’s drill or the grinding chirping when removing tartar. Since the nasty noises are one of the main reasons for fear of the dentist, resourceful doctors have put a selection on the Internet to listen to – as a desensitization measure.

104/365: I love the dentist.

12. Shrill female voice

The pitch of number 1 in the survey among hearing aid users is also high: they found shrill female voices to be absolutely unbearable. Fortunately, Verona Pooth (alias Feldbusch) was active on television a few years ago.

Harry Mensing, Burton Morris, Verona Pooth

Strange that the studies gathered here never mention the early morning alarm clock or the buzzing of mosquitos. What are your very personal top nerve noises?

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