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Texas caught cold spell in February 2021

Texas caught cold spell in February 2021

Not only Germany was freezing cold in February 2021. The United States was also hit by an extreme cold spell this month. Even in the state of Texas, where it rarely gets really cold even in winter, the temperatures sometimes fell to -20 ° C. Under the hashtag #texasfreeze (“Texas cold wave”), Texans are sharing images on the Internet that look as if the warm southern state has turned into an ice desert overnight.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Frozen lines, icy roads and power outages – the cold snap literally hit Texas freezing, as you can see in the following pictures. No wonder, after all, in this sunny state you usually have to deal with heat waves.

1. This toilet is temporarily out of order.

2. There is an ice sheet over everything.

3. “It’s that cold in my apartment. As a Texan, I’m not made for it. “

4. You don’t see icy cacti every day.

5. Hopefully the hotel guests have packed their skates.

6. “Have you ever seen frozen toilet water?”

7. “Does anyone fancy ice bathing?”

8. If the water jet freezes directly from the tap, you know that it is really cold.

9. “The water in the sink and food bowls is frozen in the whole house.”

10. That won’t do with the car wash today.

11. Only the (death) brave still dare to take to the streets.

12. “It’s 6 ° C in my apartment and it looks like I won’t have any electricity until tomorrow. Luckily I have a tent that fits in my living room and I can sleep in. “

13. The pool becomes an ice rink.

14. “Look at this photo of my father standing in our frozen pool in Dallas, measuring the thickness of the ice with a tape measure.”

15. “A tip from my neighbors: If you have turned off the water or the pipes are frozen, fill a tub with snow and use the water for your toilets.”

16. The poor devil who has to de-ice this fountain is busy.

17. At least the broken pipe has been fixed for now.

Brrr! When you look at these pictures, you freeze with them. Fortunately, the polar air, which is responsible for the cold spell, will soon move on. But even if the pools are free of ice again quickly, the record winter of 2021 will be remembered for a long time in Texas.

Thumbnails: ©Twitter / Lviv ©Twitter / ThomasBlackGG

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