Teenager invents bra for breast cancer screening

Teenager invents bra for breast cancer screening

Julián Ríos Cantú was just 13 years old when he had to go through one of the worst moments of his life: his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors have little hope. The Mexican teenager must prepare to bury his mother before he is even of legal age.

Particularly tragic: If the diagnosis had been made earlier, her chances of recovery would have been significantly better. In the end, both of his mother’s breasts have to be amputated. It was only by a small miracle that she got away with her life at all. For Julián these experiences represent a real turning point: he vows to ensure that breast cancer is detected earlier so that women have a better chance of recovery.

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Because often it is too late by the time a mammogram is performed. Therefore, preventive medical checkups are very important. Especially in countries where health care is not so well developed – as in the case of Julián’s mother in Mexico. Here it would be particularly important to be able to reach women directly and easily. So that it can be recognized at an early stage if something is wrong.

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So the teenager gets to work. He tirelessly studies the background to the disease, diagnostic options and chances of survival. When he was 17, he was ready: He founded his own company, Higia Technologies, which is now called Eva Tech. Their aim is to help as many women as possible around the world in an easy way.

The company actually achieved numerous technological breakthroughs. The first innovation was a bra with over 200 built-in sensors. As soon as the bra detects anything abnormal, a doctor can conduct further tests. This makes it easier for you to have a regular check-up.

In addition, the breast is spared because the procedure – in contrast to mammography – does not use potentially carcinogenic X-rays. Julian is rightly proud of his invention.

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: Because tumors in the breast lead to increased blood flow to the tissue, which in turn leads to noticeable increases in temperature. The bra therefore records logs of the temperature, enters them in an app and alerts the wearer in the event of noticeable changes. To get effective data, it is enough to wear the sensor bra for about 60–90 minutes a week.

Julian has received several research awards for his work and has even been personally praised by the Mexican president. With ambition and entrepreneurship, the youngster succeeds in collecting 10 million dollars for his project from enthusiastic investors. Overall, the whole thing is “actually an interesting idea,” as Susanne Weg-Remers from the cancer information service of the German Cancer Research Center says.

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However, Julian also had to accept setbacks: The sensor bra proved to be effective and was already ready for the market. However, the idea turned out to be too expensive – people in poorer regions in particular could not have afforded such a high-tech bra. And that’s what Julian was talking about right now.

The resourceful young entrepreneur set about a new invention. His company Eva Tech is now building mobile chambers that can be set up in shopping centers and parks. There the women can be “scanned” discreetly, quickly and easily by the sensors. These chambers are now being installed in more and more cities in Mexico. The reliability of their results is 97% – in contrast to 85% accuracy with traditional mammography.

At just in his early twenties, Julian is already a celebrated entrepreneur and inventor. He laid the foundation stone to save the lives of many women! At least something positive has grown out of his terrible experience.

This video gives a brief insight into how Julián’s first invention was intended:

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