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Teacher joke: 3 teachers in a battle of intelligence

Teacher joke: 3 teachers in a battle of intelligence

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the smartest in the whole country?” This question causes a heated debate in the staff room in the following joke of the day. In the end, a surprise guest wins.

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An art teacher, a math teacher and a physics teacher argue in the staff room about who is the smartest of them.

The art teacher shows the others a huge animal sculpture that he made himself. “It took me almost a month to do this,” he says proudly. “That should make it clear that I’m the smartest here.”


The math teacher laughs at him and says: “That’s nothing!” Then he pulls out the results of a 100-page math test and holds the papers under her colleagues’s nose: “It took me two months and I got them right away full points achieved. “

“You’re cute!” Laughs the physics teacher, walks out of the staff room and comes back with a robot that can wash the clothes, make coffee and mow the lawn. “It took me three months to build this darling. How do you want to top that? “

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At that moment the PE teacher comes in. “For me you are all spiritual dwarfs,” he says with a laugh. “I’m definitely the smartest one in the room.” And why? ”Asks the physics teacher.

“Because I don’t have to create works of art, solve math problems or build robots,” says the sports teacher, “and still earn as much as you do.”

Christian laughs

As the saying goes: imagination is also an education. The sports teacher brought the aloof show-off competition back down to earth.

The people in the following jokes can only be envied for their quick wittedness:

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