Taylor Pikkarainen donates kidney to save strange child

Taylor Pikkarainen donates kidney to save strange child

The 27-year-old nurse Taylor Pikkarainen from the US state of Minnesota accidentally learns of the grave fate of one-year-old Bodie Hall when her sister-in-law, who is friends with the boy’s mother, tells her about the family’s suffering.

Taylor immediately knew that she had to help, so she went straight to the hospital, where little Bodie was being treated for a congenital kidney dysfunction. Half an hour later she signs the necessary forms for organ donation. She wants to save the one year old’s life at all costs.

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Little Bodie Hall sees the light of day on December 13, 2018. Shortly after birth, however, he is diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome: a rare congenital malfunction in which the kidneys damage themselves by producing too much protein, up to and including organ failure. The only thing that Bodies can save a young life is an organ donation.

Bodie has four siblings. One of his sisters was born with the same disease as him and had received a kidney transplant with a kidney from mother Gloria five years ago. Now that son Bodie is born with the same syndrome, only the children’s father can be considered as an organ donor, but he is ultimately eliminated due to incompatibility. Now you can only hope for an organ donor from another person.

When Body’s parents finally found out from the doctors that an anonymous donor had come forward who was ready to donate one of his kidneys to their young son, the two of them couldn’t believe it. They are touched by the willingness to sacrifice and selflessness of a complete stranger, although at this point they do not know that it is Taylor.

In an interview, Mother Gloria tells of the great stone that fell from her and her family’s hearts with this joyful news:

“The strongest feeling was the relief because it hung over our heads like the sword of Damocles the whole time. We knew that we were at the point where the operation was vital, but we could not have had it done without a donor. “

The operation, which is supposed to take place in March 2020, will be postponed indefinitely due to the corona pandemic. Eight weeks follow, during which the doctors can only keep Bodie alive with regular dialysis.

“The hospital had canceled all operations that were not considered an acute emergency. For us, who really worried about Bodie and his health, it was frustrating because no one could assess how the whole situation would develop, ”says Bodies mother about the long period of uncertainty.

Meanwhile, during this endless waiting period, Taylor is drawn to New Jersey. She would like to work as a nurse on the Corona front with the rapidly increasing numbers of infections in New York, as long as she cannot do anything for little Bodie. When the new date for Body’s life-saving surgery is finally set, Taylor immediately sets off for his home in Minnesota. As luck would have it, this very special day falls on Taylor’s 27th birthday. Both Taylor and Bodies operations went without complications and the boy’s body accepts the donor kidney very well.

Finally, on a Facebook page where Bodies informs parents about the rare nephrotic syndrome and the current health status of their little fighter, the two publish a post in which they draw attention to the fact that there can be many more lifesavers like Taylor:

“The story of Bodie and Taylor has been shared across the country! The main reason we tell our story is because we hope this will encourage others to consider living organ donation. Taylor is an amazing, selfless person who saved Bodies life with his gift in the shape of a kidney. “

Taylor’s selfless actions gave little Bodie a new life and for this his parents will be forever grateful to the young woman, because only through such self-sacrificing people like Taylor will her son have a future again.

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