Supatra Sasuphan with “werewolf syndrome” shaves

Supatra Sasuphan with “werewolf syndrome” shaves

At the age of only 10, Supatra Sasuphan from Thailand already got an entry in the Guinness Book of Records: as “the hairiest girl in the world”. The student from Bangkok suffers from the extremely rare Ambras syndrome, also known as “werewolf syndrome”. It leads to extreme hair growth all over the body and especially long, silky hair on the face, which becomes thicker over time.

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Only 50 cases have been documented since the Middle Ages. Those affected were often passed around as curiosities on annual market entrances. And Supatra is also used to the curious looks at every turn.

“Monkey Face” and “Chewbacca”: This is how the child used to be teased by his schoolmates. However, her award from the Guinness Book in 2010 made her a popular girl. “Being hairy makes me special,” says the then 10-year-old. “I’ve got used to the disease a lot. Sometimes it’s just hard to see when the hair is getting too long. “

Her mother has therefore often trimmed her daughter’s facial hair to enable her to see better. Laser therapy did not work with Supatra, the hair grew even thicker afterwards. All the more surprising are the current photos of today’s 17-year-olds.

On her latest Facebook photos, the young woman presents herself with a very unusual hair-free face! Supatra has exposed her facial features with a razor – because of love. She wanted to let the young man named Nat, with whom she is now married, look under the dense growth.

However, the Thai woman emphasizes that this was done voluntarily and that her husband by no means asked her to take this step: “He loves me for who I am. Out of love I showed him my face without my hair. But he likes me like God created me. Thanks, Nat. You are not just my first friend, you are the love of my life. “

The young woman, once the “hairiest girl in the world”, seems to have found all her happiness. With someone who has also looked behind her extraordinary appearance and fell in love with the person she really is.

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