Stray animals look for a home and become happy

Stray animals look for a home and become happy

If you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat, you don’t have to turn to a breeder. In the next animal shelter, many dogs and cats are longingly waiting for someone to take them home.

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The best thing about the experience of taking an animal from the home or from the street is definitely the transformation of the new family member. Once it realizes that it is now in a safe home and can trust its new people, it thrives.

You can see it in their faces, you can see it in their body language, their shiny fur and their shining eyes: happy animals look very much like happy people.

1. Clear eyes

“We adopted a stray kitten. Only five days make a big difference. “

Adopted a stray abandoned kitten, 5 day difference in his eyes from r / cats

2. She accepted him

“I was told she would hide all day and avoid all people. After three months she came to me and put her paw on my arm. “

This is my quarantine cat, Ahsoka, I adopted her to help manage her anxiety and prevent her going to the humane society. I was told she would hide all day and generally avoid people. After about 3 hours of being at my place I felt a tapping on my arm. from r / cats

3. When adopting a dog

“An uncontrollable dance of joy when he notices that he is being adopted.”

Uncontrollable tippy taps right before adoption ❤️ from r / aww

4. Friends who find each other on the go

“Khemjira Klongsanun found an abandoned puppy while running a marathon. She carried him the rest of the way and to the finish line and then adopted him. “

Khemjira Klongsanun found an abandoned puppy on the road side in Thailand whilst running a marathon, carrying it for 19 miles to the finish line and adopting it. That puppy is now all grown up! from r / HumansBeingBros

5. Pure relief

“A friend adopted an old dog that was shot in the leg and then left to die. There are only a few days between the two pictures. “

My friend adopted a senior dog that had been shot in the leg and left to die. These pictures are a day apart. from r / BeforeNAfterAdoption

6. A cuddly ball

“I adopted her three hours ago and she’s already feeling good all round. Pit bulls are the cutest dogs, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. “

Adopted her 3 hours ago and she’s already so comfortable and happy to have a home, I laid down next to her and she just climbed onto me anybody who hates on pitbulls has never owned one of these big babies from r / aww

7. That breaks the heart

“Four years after we adopted two cats at the shelter, they are still sleeping on our feet because they are afraid we will leave them.”

8. He just looks to see if the person is still there

“Adopted this little guy a week ago and now he keeps looking at me like that.”

Rescued this little guy a week or so ago and he keeps peaking over the couch at me like this from r / dogpictures

9. The first of many selfies together

“Look who I adopted today! Her name is ‘Ash’ and I was told she liked to cuddle. “

Look who I adopted today !! Her name is Ash and I was told that she is very cuddly <3 I can't wait to grow together from r / rarepuppers

10. From neglected to beautiful

“A year ago we went to adopt a dog – from the street via the animal shelter straight to our home!”

A year ago today we adopted this beautiful boy! From the streets to the shelter to our loving home! (NSFW) from r / BeforeNAfterAdoption

11. Difficult to say which of the two smiles bigger

“This is ‘Rimosa’. It is three years old and I got it 11 months ago. “

Another user told me I should post this here. Meet Rimosa, she’s a 3yr old staffy I rescued 11 months ago. I call her wonder dog 😊 from r / Ladybonersgonecuddly

12. Cats are not only found in animal shelters

“Two police officers discovered this kitten and its two dead siblings in a bush. One of them adopted the cat. ”

Two catalan police officers found this kitten with two dead sibling in a bush, while doing a road control. They rescued the kitten and one of the police officers added the little buddy from r / wholesome

13. She has recovered

“This is ‘Daisy’. She was badly mistreated before she came to see us. I could hardly stroke her without her flinching. We adopted her two and a half years ago. “

This is Daisy, she was extremely abused before we got her, I could hardly pet her without a yelp or whimper. We adopted her almost 2.5 yrs ago. She’s now officially been in a loving home longer than she was in a bad home. Such a sweetheart that loves luvins! from r / BeforeNAfterAdoption

14. A great team

“My father called me and said his golden retriever found a half-dead baby squirrel in the garden. He saved it and fed it. Now it doesn’t leave his side any more. “

So the other day my dad called me and told me his golden retriever found a baby squirrel that was half alive in the yard. He rescued it and fed it. This is them a few days later. Now It won’t leave his side from r / aww

15. A lucky bundle of fluff

“I’m adopting this cute baby! She has a pink toe on each paw. “

Little baby I’m adopting! She has one pink bean per foot from r / jellybeantoes

Many animals look for a home in which they can feel comfortable and safe. Anyone who has ever eaten one knows how soon you can see how lucky they are through their new human friends.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / Nanora_

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