Strawberry ball on puff pastry with a chocolate coating

Strawberry ball on puff pastry with a chocolate coating

This delicate strawberry dessert is particularly impressive because of its complexity. It has everything a perfect dessert needs: strawberries, chocolate, cream and puff pastry. Not to be forgotten: the appearance of this dessert alone has earned 3 Michelin stars.

For this you need (for 3 balls):

  • about 150 g strawberries
  • 125 g white chocolate
  • 100 ml milk
  • 3 sheets of gelatin
  • 250 g of whipped cream

For the chocolate coating:

  • 250 g white chocolate
  • red food coloring


  • puff pastry
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • 150 ml strawberry sauce
  • Clothespins
  • Silicone mold with 6 hemispheres of 7 cm in diameter

That is how it goes:

1.) Cut the strawberries into very thin slices and line the hollows in the shape with them.

2.) Briefly boil the milk. Add the soaked gelatin and chopped white chocolate and stir everything together well. When the chocolate has melted, let the cream cool to around 25 ° C. Then fold in the whipped cream.

3.) Put the finished cream in the wells lined with strawberries. Then sprinkle a few more finely chopped strawberries over the top. Gently push this into the cream. Set aside a small amount of the cream. You can also stir the chopped strawberry cubes into the cream beforehand. Freeze the mold for at least 3 hours.

4.) Take the mold out of the freezer and spread some of the previously set aside cream on the smooth surface of 3 wells.

5.) Now fold the shape together and fix it with 4 clothespins. Freeze the pan again for about an hour.

6.) Remove the clothespins and unfold the mold. Now you no longer have 6 half balls, but 3 whole balls in front of you.

7.) For the chocolate coating you have to let the white chocolate melt. Add a few drops of red food coloring. Pour the melted, now pink chocolate, over the balls that are still in the mold. Let the coating set by briefly returning the mold to the refrigerator.

8.) Now the balls have to be released from the mold. Gently help with a knife.

9.) Cut the puff pastry into two 12 x 12 cm pieces and bake them at 180 ° C top and bottom heat.

10.) To serve, crumble chocolate cookies on a plate. Stack the two puff pastry squares on top of each other. If you still have some of the white cream left here, it is ideal as a “glue” between the two squares. Sprinkle the dough with powdered sugar, place a finished strawberry ice cream ball on top and cover everything with strawberry sauce.

What a lovely dessert! And so tasty too. A real eye-catcher to round off a perfect dinner.

You can conjure up another delicious dessert with strawberries with the recipe for the strawberry and chocolate ice cream cake from the bonus video.

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