Strange finds that pose a mystery

Strange finds that pose a mystery

Nobody on earth knows the answer to everything. How good that you can just ask others! This is what these 11 people thought too; Strange things or living beings came before their eyes and they simply asked themselves the question: What is it actually?

Exciting topics and interesting facts with an aha effect. (Scroll down to the article.)

Fortunately, the network community is on hand with help and advice. On the Reddit social platform, users who are in the dark can use the What is this thing? (in English: What is that?) Upload a photo of the mystery – and you will always find someone who can solve the riddles of the unsuspecting. Do you recognize all of these extraordinary appearances?

1. “They were all over the beach. I think they are alive. “

These were all over the beach in S. Maine. Think they were alive from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “Looks like a tunic.”

2. “It is made of silver and the ball rotates.”

It’s made our of silver and the ball rotates. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “A table lighter.”

3. “What is it? Found it next to my toaster. Please don’t tell me it’s a cockroach housing. “

What is this? Found it by my toaster. Please don’t tell me it’s some kind of cockroach molt. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “Damn it, looks like a rattlesnake’s tail rattle!”
It really is – the questioner’s father brought the tail back from Mexico as a souvenir. The question still remains how this ended up with the toaster …

4. “Found this while working in a hole in the ground. It grew in the dark because there was a lid on it all the time. “

Found in an earth pot at work, was growing in the dark as had a lid on it. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “Looks like a field horsetail with fungus to me.”

5. “A white circlet with red dots on a cap?”

White circlet with purple dots on top of a headdress. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “These ladies, Nuns of the order of brigands, wear a linen crown with 5 red dots, which symbolize the stigmata of Christ. “

6. “I found that in my garden pond.”

Found in my backyard pond. Floating by that sack filled with fluid. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “I think that’s a fish’s very full swim bladder.”

7. “That … thing appeared in the mason jar with my carnivorous plants.”

this … thing … showed up inside the humid jar of my carnivorous plants from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “This is clearly a slime mold and I’m so jealous! If you take a sample, you can put it in a separate jar and keep it as a new pet. They eat oatmeal. “

8. “I discovered it on an apple in East Germany.”

Found on an apple in east germany. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “The eggs of a lacewing.”

9. “Does anyone have any idea what those hollow metal things could be? The largest is about 12 cm long. ”

Any idea what these metal light weight hollow things could be? Largest one is about 5 “from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “Pretty sure there are medical dilators that can be used to stretch different orifices.”

10. “That slipped out of my boiled egg.”

It slid out of my cooked egg. from r / whatisthisthing

Answer: “That is an exceptionally large stain of meat. This is a small piece of tissue from the ovary that was trapped inside when the egg formed. You can safely eat eggs with meat stains, but if you don’t like the sight, just remove them with the point of a knife. “

11. “What is this glass used for? The upper part can be removed. “

I know this is uranium glass but what is it used for. The top comes off from r / whatist history

Answer: “This is an ‘upside down’ shot glass. It cannot really be seen from this angle, but a female figure is stretching her buttocks up on the glass. It’s designed in such a way that you have to ‘exen’ the short one at once, because you can’t put the glass down.

Not everyone can be an expert in the field of botany, medicine or shot glass design – but how nice that these people share their knowledge with us and make us all a little smarter. How many of the 11 things could you name?

Thumbnail: © Reddit / sal25

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