Son surprises parents with career choice

Son surprises parents with career choice

The choice of a career for children is an important issue for many parents. After all, something should come of the offspring.

With this joke, the parents work out a test to see which path their son will take one day. However, the result surprises you!

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A man and his wife talk about what will become of their son when he grows up. “I have an idea!” Says the father. He puts a 10 euro note, a bottle of whiskey and a Bible on the dining table.

“If he takes the money he’ll be a banker, if he takes the whiskey he’ll be a drunkard, and if he takes the Bible he’ll be a preacher.”

Very tiny King James Bible published 1919

Just before their son comes home, the parents hide in the closet and watch the table from their hiding place.

The son comes in through the door and goes to the dining table. He takes the bill, looks at it carefully, and puts it back. Then he takes the whiskey, pulls out the cork, smells the bottle and puts it back down. Finally he picks up the Bible, flips through the pages, and puts it back on the table.

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The boy thinks about it for a moment, then he stuffs the money in his pocket, grabs the whiskey and goes out the door with the Bible under his arm.

“What do you say about it!” Shouts the father. “He’s going to be a politician.”

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