Smart children make everyone laugh with funny sayings

Smart children make everyone laugh with funny sayings

Child mouth tells the truth – this old saying has not been around for a long time. Anyone who lives with young children can tell a song about the fact that the offspring always say exactly what goes through their heads.

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Sometimes precocious, sometimes wise, sometimes hilarious, smart children are always happy to share what they think of you, usually without being asked. The funny sayings they utter are pure comedy gold.

Smart children always find the real essence of a situation and then usually name it straightforwardly. After all, they’re too young to be too polite.

1. How cute!

“I was babysitting a girl who thought her mother’s name was ‘sweetheart’ because that’s what her father used to call her.”

2. Selfless child

“My daughter asked me why she couldn’t just quit school. I told her I would go to jail then. She looked me in the eye and said: ‘I’ll come to visit you too.’ “

3. That will be

“The left is my art. I found the right thing in my little brother’s room. “

4. An early genius

“I made a grilled cheese sandwich for my daughter. She said, ‘That was perfect. I bet you can’t do it again. ‘ Yes, she already knows very well how to get what she wants. “

5. Clear announcement

“My 3-year-old asked when he no longer had to listen to me. I told him he had to do this all his life. He looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘All your life.’ Children are really freezing. “

6. A criminal mastermind

“My youngest boy cracked the Netflix code that parents can use to restrict which films their children can watch. I’m shocked and impressed at the same time. “

7. Never give up and always make funny sayings

“Whenever I get discouraged about something, I think of my 3-year-old vomiting her carrots all over the place and then just saying, ‘I need more carrots.'”

8. Ouch, that sat

“My daughter was wearing a lumberjack shirt, so I said, ‘Hey, the 90s called!’ and she replied, ‘Yes, because they have no idea how to send a text message.’ Damn it, I’m tired of my kids being smarter than me. “

9. Eloquent loathing

“Since my 4-year-old learned that it was rude to call your food ‘gross’, he has found creative ways to express his reluctance, such as, ‘It tastes unhappy.’ And: ‘That sends my mouth into space.’ “

10. The beginning of a really good time

“My little daughter was watching Sesame Street and when a muppet started playing electric guitar, she ran up to me and said, ‘Dad, you like rock music, don’t you?’ ‘Yes that’s true.’ She took my hand and said, ‘Then you’ll love this.’ “

11. You can say it that way

“My child got sick and described it like this: ‘My butt did the wrong kind of poo.'”

12. Smart children are sometimes merciless

“My daughter said to me the other day, ‘I don’t like it when you talk.’ Is noted. “

13. Where he’s right, he’s right

“The 3 year old found a glove on the floor and put it on. He asked where the other was and I told him I didn’t know. He called: ‘But I have TWO hands!’ “

14. Hard words

“The little girl I am babysitting asked me if I had a boyfriend. ‘Not anymore,’ I said. ‘A friend is a waste of time’ she said, turned to her little brother and said, ‘You will be a waste of time.’ “

15. She just loves him

“My 6 year old’s teacher is teaching about Zoom and doing a ‘bring your pets in front of the camera’ game. I got there just in time to see how she dragged in her 2 year old brother and showed him to the teacher. “

The funny sayings of these children will certainly be repeated in their families for a long time and will one day be included in a speech at their wedding. After all, future life partners should know straight away what they are doing with them.

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