Sleep better: discovered the body’s own home remedy

Sleep better: discovered the body’s own home remedy

There are so many things that happen unconsciously, sometimes without your realizing it. Even at night, your body controls more functions than you think.

Do you want to give your apartment that certain something? Here you will find ideas and suggestions. (Scroll down to the foot article.)

The next time you lie down to sleep at night, pay attention to what your feet are doing. Do you stick a foot out from under the covers too? Then don’t be surprised, because this reflex is an ingenious device of nature. In the following you will find information that is very important if you want to learn something about your body.

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The background: Scientists have now discovered that alertness and body temperature are closely related. When we are tired, the body temperature drops noticeably. This signals to the brain that it is time to sleep.

How do the feet come into play now? The secret is in the soles. Two properties make them so important: firstly, we have no hair on the soles of our feet and, secondly, there are very specific structured vein networks that support the body in regulating heat. These veins are called an arteriovenous anastomosis. These veins regulate the blood flow to the skin – this makes it colder or warmer. So when cool night air reaches the soles of the feet, the blood cools down there too. If this cooler blood enters your bloodstream, your entire body temperature drops and your head receives the signal “sleeping”.

Cold feet!

A higher body temperature, on the other hand, makes us more attentive and improves our memory – previously important survival mechanisms. So if you feel too warm, you can do a lot better for it, but sleep is not one of them.

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Because of this, many people often unconsciously stick a foot out from under the covers at night. So if you have to wait for sleep again, then take a look to see if your feet are still under the covers. Maybe you just have to hold her outside.

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