Secret life hacks with spool of thread, ballpoint pen and tic tac

Secret life hacks with spool of thread, ballpoint pen and tic tac

What do a spool of thread, a ballpoint pen and a tic-tac package have in common? They all have secrets that make them real everyday heroes. All of these objects make your life easier and sometimes even save you from tricky situations – provided you know their hidden functions. The following 3 life hacks will enrich your life.

1. Tic-Tac box

All you want to do is have a tic tac, but suddenly half the contents of the package fall into your hands? It couldn’t be more annoying, because putting the individual dragees back into the box is not exactly nerve-friendly.

Did you know there is a very simple way to get hold of just one tic tac? All you have to do is take a closer look at the lid: there is a recess on the inside that can accommodate exactly one Tic Tac. Tip the closed tic-tac pack sideways and a tic-tac will automatically fall into this trough. After opening the box, you can then easily take the Tic Tac out of the recess.

2. Spool of thread

Another hole in your clothes? Not really a big deal, because the problem is quickly resolved with a needle and thread, if only it weren’t for the incorrectly stowed needles in the sewing basket, which you keep poking your fingers bloody at.

To make this problem a thing of the past, you should take a closer look at the seemingly inconspicuous spool of thread. There is a great hiding place in it: Pull out the lower part of the thread spool. In the foot of the lid there are small openings in which thread needles can be easily stowed. Put the spool of thread back over it – your needles are safely stowed away.

3. Ballpoint pen

The average ballpoint pen can hold out about 120 written pages of paper until the ink is gone – have you ever noticed the small hole at the end of the pen while writing and wondered what kind of secret is behind it?

The answer is very simple, because the hole acts as a kind of ventilation system that helps the ink flow all the way through the pen to the tip – clever, right?

In addition to spools of thread, tic-tac boxes and ballpoint pens, there are of course other mysterious objects that make your life more comfortable – there are even more hidden functions here.

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