Restaurants that wanted to be creative and failed

Restaurants that wanted to be creative and failed

A visit to a restaurant is something nice: You can conveniently choose your meal from a large number of dishes without having to spend hours in the kitchen yourself.

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But not every visit to a restaurant ends with satisfied guests. Because in the competition for customers, some restaurants clearly overshoot the mark with questionable dishes and even more questionable dishes. What King Customer is served à la carte there spoils the appetite of many.

1. “My friend was served a single potato on a small chair.”

My friend was served a single potato on a tiny chair from r / WeWantPlates

2. “The most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been to. The cook literally prepared the starter on our hands. “

Most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been. Chef literally made the starter in our hand. from r / WeWantPlates

3. “‘Please, don’t eat the stones,’ said the waiter while serving.”

“Don’t eat the rocks” – Waiter upon serving from r / WeWantPlates

4. “The jelly was ok, nothing special.”

The jello tasted alright, nothing special from r / WeWantPlates

5. “Broccoli on barbed wire.”

This broccoli on barbed wire from r / WeWantPlates

6. “I was a little surprised that my starter was served in a dresser, but ok.”

Didn’t expect my appetizer to be served inside a dresser but ok from r / WeWantPlates

7. “My buddy got his ramen noodles served in a beer glass.”

My friend’s ramen was served in a beer mug from r / WeWantPlates

8. When the kitchen runs out of bowls, wine glasses have to be used for the soup.

Not in need of a plate, but a bowl would have been nice as opposed to this wine glass for my soup, which was poured at the table out of a wine bottle from r / WeWantPlates

9. What exactly is actually edible here?

No explanation needed. from r / WeWantPlates

10. Who needs a plate when you can have a dustpan?

I was really digging this Sichuan chicken from r / WeWantPlates

11. Very appetizingly presented.

Found in r / WeWantPlates from r / WTF

12. A single carrot served on a phone.

Carrot served on a telephone from r / WeWantPlates

13. Hopefully this is just a failed bratwurst pretzel!

Talk about shitty (xpost from r / wewantplates) from r / shittyfoodporn

14. “We were the only ones in this restaurant who got their food served in a SCHUH !!!”

We were the only people in the restaurant that had food served in a SHOE !!! from r / WeWantPlates

15. Potato chips with pine cones.

Browsing through my old photos and found this … chips in a pine cone! from r / WeWantPlates

16. The young man’s gaze speaks volumes.

Welcome to hell from r / WeWantPlates

17. Finger food with a difference.

Hard pass. from r / WeWantPlates

18. “Our starter came in a sink.”

Our sharing starter came in a sink from r / WeWantPlates

19. This restaurant in Brazil serves food from a toilet.

Restaurant in Brazil serves food on a toilet from r / WeWantPlates

20. “Mickey Mouse in a bacon coat from the current autumn-winter collection.”

“Mickey mouse” wearing bacon (autumn-winter collection). from r / shittyfoodporn

What happened to the good old plate? Maybe the next time you go to a restaurant you should check out what the other guests are being served before you place an order.

More appetizing and less appetizing items:

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