Professional world: 14 crazy application stories

Professional world: 14 crazy application stories

As many people unfortunately know, finding a job can be pure hell. What employers expect, what messages you get from the recruiter or what crazy things can happen when you apply to a company are shown in the following reddit– Contributions from the group “r / recruitinghell” (in German roughly: application hell):

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

1. “Hello Jeffrey, unfortunately we cannot offer you this position because our company policy does not allow us to hire someone by the name Jeffrey. Our data management would then no longer work. “

“We are unable to offer positions to people with the name Jeffrey” from r / recruitinghell

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2. “Hello! Thank you for your recent application to North Highland. I’m sorry you received a notice of cancellation. That had something to do with your place of residence. This message was sent by mistake. Anyway, we took a close look at your application and résumé. Unfortunately we have to inform you that the cancellation is still valid. It has nothing to do with where you live. Unfortunately, due to the high number of applicants, I cannot give you any personal feedback. I wish you all the best and good luck for the future! “

Oh sweet from r / recruitinghell

3. “Minimum requirements: Due to the current structure of the company, my client is looking for applicants who are under 30 years of age for this special position.”

Sounds like sexual harassment from r / recruitinghell

4. “I was contacted by a recruiter who was looking for software developers with ten to twelve years of experience with the NodeJS program. This program came out in May 2009. I recommended Ryan Dahl (the developer of NodeJS) to them. What do these recruiters smoke? “

Time travelers required. from r / recruitinghell

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5. “Hello! Your experience as a section assistant (assistant at an autopsy / corpse examination, note by the ruling) and your internship at the Dr.-Sidney-B.-Weinberg-Center for Forensics caught my eye when I saw your profile on LinkedIn. Moe’s Southwest Grill is looking for employees. I thought that the job was made for you. “

Found on r / yesyesyesno from r / recruitinghell

6. “A couple covers 2,000 km for a job. Upon arrival they were told that the first working week would not be paid. “

Just a “trial” to see if you’re suitable for the role … from r / recruitinghell

7. “An excuse. Hello Diana! I know our conversation didn’t end well. I became impatient and expected you to come up with a concrete plan before the end of the conversation. Lisa told me afterwards that my impatient streak could come across as very rude to people who didn’t know me. So I apologize. Lisa and I actually think that you did very well and that we want to make you a job offer. However, I can understand if you were no longer interested because of this clash. The decision is yours. ”- So much humiliated, bullied and bullied by the boss for 40 minutes that I left the conference call. And then I get a job offer …

CEO humiliated, bullied and harassed me for 40 minutes, making me leave the Zoom call to only then offer me a job. from r / recruitinghell

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8. “I wanted to do an internship at a company, but was rejected. I then asked about the reasons so that I could improve. Part of the answer was: ‘Many applicants had years of experience. Please do not be discouraged. ‘ Aren’t ‘years of experience’ and ‘internship’ an oxymoron? “

Rejected from an internship for not having enough experience. from r / recruitinghell

9. “Dear Sarah, I hope you are fine. We think it’s really good that you have a PhD in bullshit. That is exactly what we were looking for. About us: We are independent consultants in the field of ERP and CRM cloud systems in Canada, the USA, Mauritius, France and the UK. ”-“ I made up my doctoral degree in nonsense so that they would leave me alone. LinkedIn recruiters are not very demanding. “

I’ve used this title to be left alone and still LinkedIn recruiters have low standards from r / recruitinghell

10. “I applied for a marketing job and am supposed to describe the color yellow to a blind person.”

Applying for a digital marketing role and they want me to describe a color to a blind person from r / recruitinghell

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11. “After detailed consultation, we regret to inform you that your application was unsuccessful. Because we have a large number of applicants, we cannot give you any individual feedback. If you have some time, we would be happy if you can give us feedback. “

Can’t provide you feedback, but please provide us with feedback. from r / recruitinghell

12. “Explain to us what makes you special in 150 characters or less. Be creative and write something that catches our eye. “- Answer:” Was my cover letter not good enough for you? Should I sing and dance? “

Something tells me I’m not going to be getting a call back. from r / recruitinghell

13. “Even if you manage 100% of the points in a 2-hour test, that’s nothing special. Not to mention my 10 years of professional experience. ”The message says:“ I wanted to write to you personally and thank you for discovering this bug in our new test system. I also find it remarkable that you finished the exercise so quickly. We are looking for an exceptionally qualified engineer for this position. You have achieved 100% of all points, but unfortunately we have to inform you that you have not reached the next stage of our application process. “

Even if you score 100% on a 2h assignment, not exceptional enough (disregard the 10+ years of exp) from r / recruitinghell

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14. “We do not believe that competencies are expressed in ‘X years of experience’. We value the personal growth potential that every person has. How games are developed, how we work together and how we continuously improve is very important to us … Background / knowledge: at least 2 years of professional experience as a game developer. “

This pretty much sums up my job searching experience 😅 from r / recruitinghell

Those who have never had to deal with applications and the like can count themselves really lucky! There are links to other interesting articles and galleries on these and similar topics:

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