Pretty cats that make their humans very happy

Pretty cats that make their humans very happy

Cat pictures are one of the basic building blocks of the internet. Nothing brightens up the day as reliably as the sight of pretty cats. You almost think you can hear their soothing purring.

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You can see it in the faces of the people who took the cat pictures: Just the presence of their favorite makes them visibly happy. Having a cat as a pet has a measurable positive effect on the psyche.

If for a variety of reasons you can’t have your own cat, then it’s almost as good to regularly look at photos of pretty cats. The delighted and calm reaction will not be long in coming.

1. The hated fruit

No one has ever been so mad at an innocent watermelon as this kitten.

2. Cuddly on the go

If you can carry your cat around as a scarf, everyone wins. Even random observers on the train.

3. Standing at attention

The roll call is only complete when the company kitten is also there.

4. Loosen up

The pleasure of stretching is common to all cats – whether big or small, no one will spread tension here.

5. The gateway to nowhere

The darkness stares out from this sleeping basket. With big, round, innocent eyes.

6. Welcome, human cub

The new family member was found cuddly by the highest authority.

7. The one on the left no longer fits on it

That’s it for ever with his freedom of movement. The cats love him so he will never get up again.

8. A good team

After a long day in the emergency room, it helps immensely to have a brief chat with your four-legged colleague.

9. This is love

He’s so excited that it’s the first time she’s eating in her new home.

10. Plateau kitten

He prefers to sit on smooth surfaces that are just as small as he is.

11. What’s going on here?

She just saw the ultrasound for the first time. The look at the second picture speaks volumes.

12. The snow is a little tired

The fluffiest snowflake in the world is taking a nap.

13. He’s one of them

He really wants to be part of the gang, he even practiced the secret handshake.

14. A name well chosen

The “bookstore for sleepy cats” lives up to its name.

15. The circle is complete

What began with an irrational hatred of watermelons ends with a cat who loves the juicy summer fruits.

That was good. A collection of beautiful cat pictures is something to indulge in on a regular basis. Fortunately, the snapshots of the velvet paws won’t be missing anytime soon because their humans just can’t stop feeding them the internet.

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