Pregnancy, childbirth and things that nobody tells you

Pregnancy, childbirth and things that nobody tells you

Pregnancy and childbirth are topics that are talked about a lot and very little at the same time. Everything is conveyed to you, but there are a lot of ugly facts and unpleasant things that no one ever tells you about pregnancy and childbirth.

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Too many details on this subject are still taboo and not discussed among mothers and fathers. But that only contributes to the fact that those affected are very insecure and wonder whether something is wrong with them, since they are certainly the only ones who feel that way.

On the Internet platform Reddit someone has now asked the question, “Pregnant women, is there something that you would have liked to know BEFORE you became pregnant?”. The answers about pregnancy and childbirth, which came in from all over the world, are mercilessly honest and well worth reading.

1. No need to be ashamed

“Nobody ever told me about the so-called ‘third birth’, namely the first poop afterwards. The first birth is the baby, the second is the placenta, the third is the first poop. It was really hard until I did it. “

2. A lot of pressure and a lot of guilt

“Nobody talks about how difficult breastfeeding is. You’re told it’s best for the baby, and when it doesn’t work, people assume that you are not breastfeeding on purpose. It doesn’t just work out for mother and child on its own, and the stress that that means affects milk production. It can also be extremely painful. I was bleeding and my first child bit off part of my nipple. For me that was more traumatic than giving birth. Never be ashamed to bottle feed. “

3. An underestimated danger

“No matter how much a baby was wanted and planned, postpartum depression can happen to you too, and it’s very, very real. It’s not something you have control over. New mothers partner, please pay close attention to the signs and get help. Don’t try to get through there alone. “

4. Not all sunshine

“You don’t have to enjoy every single moment of parenting. It’s okay to have bad days when you don’t like your kids. You’re not screwing up anything at the moment. It’s just really VERY difficult. “

5. A pain shared by many

“Miscarriages are more common than you think. Hardly anyone talks about it. Nobody tells you how much it hurts, how long the pain and sadness last, and what it does to your sanity. “

6. Not a nice idea

“Having a baby can mean serious harm to your body. Forget the bullshit about ‘women always did it’, it completely ignores the high price a body pays for pregnancy and childbirth. Many women suffer from chronic incontinence afterwards, which can be alleviated but not completely overcome. Your stomach will never look like it did before. I also suffered a deep tear and various pelvic floor injuries and now suffer from an inability to fully control my bowel movements. I’m only 27 years old and I don’t know if I would say it was worth it. My body feels destroyed. “

7. A real agony

“Even before the baby is finally born, you hardly get any sleep. Everyone always tells you to sleep while you still have the peace and quiet, but pregnancy often leads to insomnia and I’m already completely exhausted. “

8. No thanks

“Weekly flow is something like the longest and worst of all menstruations. Your body sheds any debris from pregnancy, and this can take weeks. I’ll never forget someone telling me I was going to pass out lumps the size of a tennis ball. So disgusting. “

9. Almost funny

“Babies can get hiccups in the womb. Having your own hiccups is strange enough, but it just feels bizarre. “

10. Not over quickly

“It’s not like in the movie where the amniotic sac bursts and 30 minutes later the baby is there. My water burst and 29 hours later the baby finally decided to show up. “

11. Unsolicited advice

“Absolutely everyone will give you their unsolicited opinion on how you behave during pregnancy and how you should raise your child.”

12. Make some space

“You can play with them a little while they’re still in the womb. If they were too close to my ribs towards the end of the pregnancy, I drank a glass of cold water. As soon as the cold reached my stomach, they moved back a little. “

13. How cute …

“When the baby kicks you, it feels like something is crawling quickly over your skin. From the inside. “

14. Great fear of loss

“It can be incredibly difficult to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Everyone thinks it’s that easy, but unfortunately for many women it isn’t. Women who have already had painful experiences with it suffer from anxiety throughout their pregnancy. “

15. What a nightmare!

“I paralyzed my mother from the waist down for a few hours in the last trimester of pregnancy because I was taking a nap on her spine. The doctors told her that it would go away as soon as I woke up. Pregnancy can be sheer horror. “

In truth, pregnancy can be a stressful ordeal and a bizarre experience. Birth itself is also full of things that nobody tells you before. When mothers openly and honestly share their experiences, it can only be good, because when it comes to physical and emotional health, information is the most valuable remedy.

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