Pictures of parents before they had their children and afterwards

Pictures of parents before they had their children and afterwards

Anyone who has children knows it all too well: Especially in the first few years, the little ones leave their mark on their parents’ faces.

Sometimes the changes can only be seen in the fatigue rings under the eyes, but sometimes you wonder if you are actually still looking at the same person.

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If a child is the new priority in life, then other things just fall by the wayside – the effects are obvious.

1. Not a safe job

They give you so much back.

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2. Sleep is a long way off

She finally has a few quiet minutes.

3. The principle remains the same

Lying in the sun together – now a little different.

4. The party continues

The two look exhausted, but they still have reason to celebrate.

5. A shadow of itself

Its light has gone out for the time being.

6. A nice mess

Better not wear anything fancy for the time being.

7. Continuous bathing fun

The main thing is that she can get back into the water.

8. From festive to sleepy

It will be a while before he wears tails again.

9. A chameleon of living conditions

He, on the other hand, looks like he’s really comfortable in his new role.

10. Worn out completely

Here the complete decay has started.

11. A wrestler on parental leave

He is now mainly fighting against exhaustion.

12. Risen from the ruins

Now it is also buried.

13. Unrecognizable

Is that the same man?

14. Dramatic transformation

Here too: is this really the same person?

15. Don’t let it get you down

He’s only halfway under control.

Yes, children change their parents permanently. After all, there is a silver lining: The time of sleepless nights will eventually be over and the exhausted figures will be recognizable as themselves again.

Thumbnails: © Instagram / gottoddlered

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