Photographer Gilmar Silva disenchants Instagram photos

Photographer Gilmar Silva disenchants Instagram photos

Gilmar Silva is a photographer from Brazil. Whether newly in love couples, weddings or pregnancies – it captures the most beautiful moments in life. Customers can marvel at his impressive portfolio of romantic photos on his Instagram page. But there the photographer also shows and explains what happens behind the scenes of the shoot, so that the pictures appear so beautifully.

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This not only requires the photographer to use his entire body – but also a lot of image processing. With these 16 pictures, Gilmar Silva disenchanted the snapshots, which are literally more beautiful than reality:

1. From rubble …

© Instagram / Gilmar Silva

… becomes a princess bed.

2. The horse tamer suddenly disappeared …

© Instagram / Gilmar Silva

… and is replaced by this beauty in red.

© Instagram / Gilmar Silva

3. The water doesn’t look too inviting in reality.

4. Background perfectly cropped.

5. You have to get dirty to get the perfect picture.

6. Gilmar Silva also likes to use a little bit of image processing on himself.

7. No wonder the horses stay so calm there.

8. No way in the middle of the sea.

9. Disenchanted enchanted forest.

10. Even Barbie is perfectly staged.

11. Quickly poke your mouth.

12. Don’t fall into the puddle!

13. Did someone suddenly turn on the light?

14. The pregnant woman didn’t even have to get wet.

15. There is so much glamor on the cycle lane.

16. The paper planes have multiplied by magic.

Whether it is really only possible with tricks and tricks to get such beautiful photos remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the creativity is impressive. After all, the result is all that matters, and Gilmar Silva’s clients couldn’t be happier that the photographer got the most out of the subjects.

Thumbnails: © Instagram / Gilmarphotos

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