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Photographer documents tough everyday life on the Corona front

Photographer documents tough everyday life on the Corona front

In the past few weeks and months, the increasing number of corona infections has demanded a lot from doctors, nurses and carers worldwide.

Here are emotional stories that really inspire you. (Scroll down to the article.)

The photojournalist Go Nakamura has therefore been visiting the Covid station of the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas, since May 2020 to document the effects of the corona virus and the associated Covid 19 disease with his pictures the infected people have and how the medical staff in a hospital has to deal with the almost insurmountable hurdles of this pandemic.

1. Even during a pandemic, a patient’s soul must not be neglected.

2. Transferring a patient must be quick and requires muscle strength.

3. The first steps on still shaky legs.

4. A nurse is happy that her patient can eat by herself for the first time.

5. A doctor comforts one of his corona patients.

6. After several weeks in bed, the elderly must first learn to walk again.

7. Full physical effort is often required when it comes to saving a life.

8. When changing the ventilation masks, it is important to be quick.

9. A few calming words can sometimes be of great help.

10. During the few rest breaks, there is hardly any time for private life besides sleep.

11. Some treatments leave their mark on the patient’s body.

12. Patients are laid on their stomachs to make it easier for them to breathe.

13. This patient is still too weak to stand up without help.

14. A patient who is breathing heavily is given a breathing helmet.

15. A normal Christmas Eve in a hospital during a pandemic.

Go’s pictures show in a frightening way how much everyday life in hospitals has changed for doctors, staff and patients since the beginning of the pandemic and how much strength and endurance it demands of them every day. They deserve our deepest respect for fulfilling this self-sacrificing task.

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Thumbnails: © Facebook / Go Nakamura, © Facebook / Go Nakamura

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