People who are happy about their gender reassignment

People who are happy about their gender reassignment

Everyone has the right to feel good in their own skin. It’s very easy to say. But this is not a matter of course for everyone. Many people are already struggling because their body, face or other special features do not correspond to “the norm”.

These videos will warm your heart. (Scroll down to the article.)

It becomes even more difficult for trans people to reconcile the expectations of those around them with their own body awareness. Outwardly they seem to be clearly male or clearly female, but often have known since early childhood that this is not true – they are something else.

Since legal and medical sources only count people who have been diagnosed as transsexual and who are taking concrete steps towards gender reassignment, there is no official information on the number of those affected. But it is estimated that up to 100,000 people are transgender in Germany alone.

Once a person decides to have a physical sex reassignment, they face a very lengthy process. Mandatory psychotherapy and medical assessments can drain your energy. Sometimes experts decide almost arbitrarily whether they find the patient “convincing enough” to be accepted as a man or a woman in everyday life.

However, representing the gender you want to live as convincingly as possible can be vital. Because trans people, who are recognizable as such in public, are all too often victims of horrific hate crimes and acts of violence. The approved transformation through hormone therapy and matching operations can literally save lives.

The transformation can also work wonders for the psyche of those affected, because finally they can openly show how they feel – what a relief!

1. Always very pretty

Those are shining eyes!

2 years HRT. Freedom. (MTF / 35) from r / transtimelines

2. A smile all over your face

“I have never been happier and have never felt more truly like myself than I do now!”

Never been this happy in my life and felt more true than I am feeling now !! My name is Kris and I’m 30yrs old and I’m FtM !! from r / trans

3. Stylish and chic

“It gets better.” – The mantra that trans people use to encourage themselves through difficult times.

It gets better. 💕 (21 months HRT) from r / transtimelines

4. Slowly arriving at yourself

Still slightly melancholy, but much more relaxed.

2018 vs 2019 – before and after (FTM) from r / transtimelines

5. Some things never change

It’s still her favorite comfortable sweater.

Getting dangerously close to “stole my boyfriend’s hoodie” territory. 😂💕🌈 from r / transtimelines

6. So much confidence gained

“After six years of hormone therapy and five years after the operation.”

Ftm, 14 to 23, 6 years on hormones and 5 years post top surgery in November. Never thought I’d live past 18 but I’m happily married and am the man I always dreamed of being. from r / transtimelines

7. New pages and a mischievous smile

“I only noticed now that I have freckles.”

Noticed I have freckles now, and I think they’re adorable. Started hormones in Oct 2015, came out socially in Dec 2018 🙂 from r / transtimelines

8. A good development

“Three years ago, I tried very hard to meet other people’s expectations. Now it’s about mindfulness, acceptance and happiness. “

3 years difference, 3.5 months on T. From when I tried my hardest to please other people to self care, acceptance and happiness. from r / transtimelines

9. She always looked good on glasses

“I started my transformation five years ago!”

28, MTF – I started my transition 5 years ago this month! Time flies 🌈 from r / transtimelines

10. Relieved and hopeful

“Same smile, but it’s real now. Two years can achieve a lot. “

Same smile but this one’s real. Two years can make a helluva difference. (15 ftm) from r / transtimelines

11. You can tell by looking at her

“The best decision I’ve ever made.”

transitioning is so WILD. this shit is so cool. definitely the best decision I’ve ever made, hands down. 22, pre-hrt -> 26, 3 1/2 yrs hrt & ffs from r / transtimelines

12. He feels good

Still a sunshine.

3 years ago in the summer vs. now 1yr1month on T! [FTM] from r / transtimelines

Wow, these are really beautiful transformations! It takes a lot of courage to stand by yourself against all odds and social expectations. You can see clearly from these people how much more comfortable they feel in their new skin, in which they can just be who they want to be.

A satisfaction that is to be wished for every person without exception.

Thumbnail: © Reddit / Dial-A-Song

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