People show off their oldest devices still in use

People show off their oldest devices still in use

Whether television, radio or telephone: Many of today’s products are equipped with a multitude of new functions and improvements that were not available fifty years ago. And as good as that is, the disadvantage is obvious: the more a device can do, the more it can break. And in the age of microchips and semiconductors, very few can repair anything themselves.

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It was completely different even earlier, when everything was built more simply and apparently more durable, as the following pictures show. The BBC reporter has on Twitter Zoe Kleinman asked other users to do soto share their oldest gadgets and tools that are still working and in use. One even dates from the first half of the 19th century!

1. “It belonged to my grandmother, a toaster. Years ago I saw an exact copy of it in the design museum – the sign said it was produced in the 1920s, which would fit. My grandmother married in 1925. Still works perfectly. “

2. “If you also mean such tools … This Disston saw was manufactured in the 1840s. I use them all the time. I bought it for $ 5. It was rusty, but I restored, sharpened and straightened it. No one saws better than she. “

3. “I still use this monstrosity.”

4. “The Rock-Ola jukebox, model 1484, from 1960.”

5. “My 73 year old AGA stove. It has just been re-enamelled and is used every day. “

6. “My father’s Philco radio, model 100, made around 1958. It takes a while for the electric tubes to warm up. Still works and gives a very good vintage listening experience. “

7. “Does that include a sewing machine? I’ve had mine for 15 years, but the serial number says it’s 120 years old this year. “

8. “A 67 year old bean cutter from the manufacturer ‘Spong’.”

9. “A kettle that is over 40 years old.”

10. “Hello, I collect old appliances, my kitchen is designed for it. The dishwasher is from 1960, the refrigerator from the late 1950s, the washing machine from 1965 and the stove from 1961. Many small appliances also date from this period. The oldest piece is a vacuum cleaner from 1935. Everything is (relatively) easy to repair and a bit different, I can say that! “

11. “This is one of the younger old devices, but it still works great.”

12. “My Fairchild Channel F game console from 1976 – still great.”

13. “My Edison Amberola phonograph from 1906. It belonged to my great-great-great-uncle, then to my grandfather and now to me. The drawers are full of wax rollers to play with. “

14. “Casio VL Tone Synthesizer from 1979.”

15. “I still use this Nokia phone as an alarm clock. I can’t throw it away because it still has romantic messages from my husband before he became my husband. Sigh. “

16. “Does this also include a typewriter?”

Yes, some vintage gadgets seem to be endowed with the longevity that one would want for so many other things. How nice that some people still use these indestructible leftovers from another time – why throw away what has proven itself? The following are links to other exciting galleries that are related to technology and history:

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