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Peeling food: 7 proven tips from lychee to mango

Do you get wet, sticky hands when you peel a litchi? When peeling eggs, do you find small remains of shell on the floor days later? And you never get a bell pepper sliced ​​so that the kernels don’t get stuck all over the inside of the bell pepper?

You can say goodbye to all these little everyday annoyances with our tips, because we will show you the 7 easiest and fastest methods to peel foods such as mangoes, litchis, bell peppers or onions.

1. Lychee

Put a toothpick through the lychee near the stalk and twist it until the shell opens. Then you can simply press the pulp out.

2. Bell peppers

Halve a pepper and remove the seeds and the white fibers in one go by pricking the stalk all around with a spoon.

3. Onions

Cut off the ends of the onion, then cut a notch in the fruit – you can peel off the outer layer with your hand.

4. Eggs

Wrap a boiled egg in a strip of duct tape. Then apply light pressure to the egg and roll it back and forth so that the shell breaks. If you then remove the tape, the eggshell will stick to it.

5. Kiwis

Cut off the ends of the kiwi. Slide a small spoon between the pulp and the skin into the kiwi and use it to separate the pulp and kiwi from each other. Then the pulp can simply be pushed out.

6. Mangoes

Take a coin and rub the surface of the mango with light pressure to soften the flesh underneath. Then, slit the mango open with a toothpick and use your hands to peel the peel from the pulp.

7. Almonds

Put the almonds to be peeled in a bowl and pour hot water over them. Wait for the water to cool down. Now the peels can easily be stripped from the stone fruit with your fingers.

These tips about peeling food are quick, easy and really fun – and best of all: You don’t need any special kitchen appliances, you have everything you need at home for a long time.

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