Parents tell of the everyday madness with children and their families

Parents tell of the everyday madness with children and their families

The following 15 anecdotes, which tell of everyday madness with children and adults, prove that parenting is hard work.

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Parents tell of toilet visits that end in chaos, amazing self-knowledge or profound conversations about God and thus show that children are always good for a surprise and that these anecdotes from life are ultimately worth more than any parenting guide.

1. My 9 year old daughter put cheese in an old Labello pen so she could eat it during class.

2. * Loud crashing from the next room *
Child: “Nothing happens!”

3. Nobody makes more observations than a child who shares a cubicle with his mother in a public toilet.

4th Child: There is too much peanut butter on my sandwich.
I: * make a new sandwich *
Child: This has too little.
I: * do one more *
Child: I don’t like peanut butter anymore.

5. “DO NOT pee on your brother!”
And other things you hear in a public toilet that aren’t weird when you have kids.

6. Me: * annoyed that my 3-year-old never wants to go to the bathroom and then doesn’t want to go out *
I too: * hesitate to take a shower because of laziness and laziness and then don’t want to get out of the shower because of laziness and laziness *

7. Sex is fine, but have you ever sucked away a bunch of tiny LEGO bricks that your child wouldn’t put away?

8. Me: wake up!
7 year old: It’s too early.
Ich: It’s time for church.
7-year-old: is God awake at all?

9. I’ve been to a public toilet and when my 4 year old unlocks the door, my 2 year old presses the wheelchair button just as I start peeing. While I cannot get up, I watch the door slowly open and then pee with the door wide open. I am so happy to have children.

10. I don’t know much, but I know if you have a daughter under 10 and smell nail polish, part of your facility is ruined.

11. What do you call it when you do everything to make people happy, but nobody is happy? Oh yes, parenting.

12. If your child can open the door themselves in the middle of the night: Congratulations, you now live in a haunted house.

13. If your brother is on the floor, you will lie on top of him. Such are the rules.

14. I think I found something better than caffeine to wake me up in the morning: my child who wakes me up and says, “I think I throw up.”

15. 50% of parenting is deciding whether the sound is worth looking up.

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