Parents’ fairy tales that actually worked with children

Parents’ fairy tales that actually worked with children

While raising children, mum and dad have to come up with quite a bit of ideas to get their clever little ones to do something with little, very creative white lies that the offspring doesn’t feel like doing.

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We are often exposed as liars by the cheeky three-cheeses when we do some hastily improvised fraud, but some “fairy tales” are so creative that even the cleverest children would like to believe it themselves, as the following 15 little white lies prove.

Made my kid walk uphill in the snow so she’d have something to tell her kids about.

1. “My daughter is 3 and constantly eats snow. So we told her that if she continued to eat snow, there would be no more snow in the world. When we went for a walk again, she immediately started eating snow again. The next day the snow had melted and we told her it was her fault because she had eaten it yesterday. Now there is snow everywhere again and my daughter has not even nibbled on it yet. ”(© Pikabu / AnaShaLSP)

2. “My mother always warned me that if I lied, a piece of my tongue would fall off. To prove this to me, she grabbed a piece of meat unnoticed, put it in my mouth, and then took it out in front of my eyes. I cried for hours. “(© Reddit / pandatitties)

My mum and I picking mushrooms in Slovenia, 1986

3. “My parents told us that you had to be very quiet when collecting mushrooms, otherwise the mushrooms would disappear into the ground again. It wasn’t until my twenties that I found out that this was a lie and that they just wanted us kids to shut up for a few minutes. ”(© Reddit / MethodMZA)

4. “Do you know those huge hoods that women always sit under in hairdressing salons? My father said that if we did not behave while he had his hair cut, he would put us in a hood dryer and our heads would shrink in it. According to his story, we were very quiet and well behaved. “(© Reddit / two_bit_trevi)

Canajoharie fire station

5. “On the way home from kindergarten, we always drove past the fire station. Like many other children, I always wanted to be a firefighter when I grew up. For some reason I always wanted to know what they’d had for lunch, and my mother said it was always on the sign outside the fire station. Strangely enough, we always ate exactly the same thing. But I always felt great eating what the firefighters had too. ”(© Reddit / akki1904)

6. “My wife, my two sons and I went to Party City (a shop for party items). The boys were 5 and 8 at the time. The younger one saw the baskets full of candy and asked me if he could have some. I said no’. He kept begging and I said, ‘Boy, if you ever ask me about candy one more time, I’ll go back in time and take away the candy you had yesterday!’ The younger one seemed intimidated and he stopped asking. But the 8-year-old knew that this could not be possible, he eyed me from the side and then demanded: ‘Okay, do it then!’ – I hadn’t thought that far. I stared at him and said, ‘Good. Do you remember the candy bar you ate yesterday? ‘ He what? I didn’t have a chocolate bar yesterday! ‘ Me: ‘Exactly!’ – I patted him on the back as we left the shop, while he thought hard about what had just happened in the shop. ”(© Quora / William Wayne)

Herb stuffed rainbow trout, pilaf and homemade bread

7. “To get me to eat fish, my parents told me that it contained phosphorus and that it would make me glow all night. I tried to stay up as long as I could, but I couldn’t and the next day my mother told me how bright I would have shone in the night. “(© Pikabu / grantm)

8. “When I was little and didn’t want to eat, my mother told me that the subject on the bottom of the plate would change if I ate up. The picture always stayed the same, but I still believed her. “( © Twitter / mylittlekoti)

I work as a bird shooter on an orchard, and I occasionally catch baby birds running around.

9. “A trick my mother used to use to get some rest from us was to trick us into believing that a bird can be caught by putting salt on its tail feathers. I spent hours running around the garden like a fool armed with a salt shaker. I tried to use this trick on my son, but he just looked at me as if I no longer had all the slats on the fence. ”(© Reddit / TinglyThing)

10. “My parents always told me that if I ate spinach, I would become as strong as Popeye. Then I always ate my spinach well and afterwards I was able to lift the kitchen table up a full 15 cm. Okay, my parents would always raise the table with their knees unnoticed. But I still love spinach, even 20 years later. ”(© Reddit / letsbooboo)

Anyone else enjoy eating M & N’s?

11. “My daughter thinks there is a French fries tax, which is why she always has to give me 10 fries when we go out to eat. My son now thinks the same is true of M & M’s. That’s why he now always has to give me 10 pieces. “(© Reddit / RaChernobyl)

12. “If we don’t brush our teeth before going to bed, mice will come crawling into our mouths to nibble the scraps of food off our teeth. That’s why you have such a disgusting taste in your mouth the next day, because you have to scrub away the mouse droppings the next morning. ”(© Reddit / canada_mike)

This is the worst how-to book I have ever seen!

13. “My grandmother used to say that if you leave a book open, you lose your memories. I’m not a superstitious person at all, but whenever I see an open book lying around somewhere, I inevitably flinch. “( © Twitter / ontozhka)

14. “When I was a child, I was terrified of all natural disasters, especially tornadoes. I was so reassured when my dad told me that we were safe because our house was on a hill and tornadoes only came downhill, not uphill. I was 17 and my sister 19 when we sat in the kitchen and heard a tornado warning on the radio. My mother ran into the basement, whereupon my sister and I asked her why she was doing this because we were safe on the hill. When she told me that they had lied to us, I felt really naive. “(© Reddit / ajsmart)

Here’s a happy baby gator

15. “My pediatric dentist asked me if I knew what a baby alligator bite felt like and was shocked when I told him I had no idea because I had never been bitten by a baby alligator . He pretended that it was something everyone must have experienced in their life. When he explained to me that local anesthesia with a syringe felt exactly like the bite of a baby alligator, I literally begged him for the syringe. “(© Reddit / jellofiend84)

But even if mom and dad show a lot of creativity with their little parenting fairy tales, even such small white lies can take revenge at some point.

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