Our 6 best sandwich recipes without a sandwich maker

Our 6 best sandwich recipes without a sandwich maker

Hardly anyone can resist a crispy toasted, deliciously topped and gratinated sandwich with cheese. To prepare such a sandwich, many of us resort to a sandwich maker. Admittedly, such a device is extremely practical, as it turns a toast into a hot sandwich creation in no time at all. However, a sandwich maker limits the versatility of the preparation methods, after all, all sandwiches come out of the sandwich maker in the same way and only differ in their filling.

Toast can also be turned into a really great sandwich by hand. There are no limits to culinary creativity – here are our 6 best sandwich recipes that work without a modern sandwich maker.

1. Sandwich omelette

Did you know that toast and omelette make a delicious duo? Simply fuse eggs and toast in a pan to make a sandwich that will make your mouth water.

Here you come to the recipe for the delicious sandwich omelette.

2. Sandwich tower

This sandwich recipe is particularly pleasing due to its size and height. From just 4 slices of toast and all kinds of delicious ingredients, such as avocado, cheddar, ham and bacon, we stack a tasty tower that will blow you away. A real masterpiece!

Here you come to the recipe for the dizzying high sandwich tower.

3. Giant sandwich

Probably the most famous sandwich is served with five o’clock tea in the English royal family and consists of two slices of toast with butter, thin slices of cucumber and a little salt. Much less royal – but all the more divine – is this giant sandwich!

Here you come to the recipe for the big sandwich.

4. Toasted bread with a cheese crown and scrambled eggs

Toast is one of the foods that are consumed almost every day. The toast is usually quickly lubricated and topped. If he’s lucky, he’ll get a golden brown crust beforehand because he was allowed to do a lap in the toaster. But why not prepare toast in the pan? A real gourmet meal can be prepared from ordinary toast in next to no time. In this sandwich recipe, we’ll show you how to top toast bread with a cheese crown and at the same time fill it with spicy scrambled eggs.

Here you come to the recipe for the extraordinary toast bread with cheese crown.

5. Sandwich party tray in 4 flavors

A sociable evening with friends or family should actually mean pure anticipation, if only it weren’t for the annoying preparation. After all, as a host, it is ultimately your duty to cater to your visitors with culinary delights. But instead of creating chaos in the kitchen as usual, in order to serve as different dishes as possible so that there is something for everyone, you can try our party tray: With just one white bread and different toppings, you can conjure up four in no time at all different snacks at once.

Here you come to the recipe for the delicious party tin.

6. XXL sandwich

We’ll show you how extraordinary you can prepare sandwiches in XXL format using a baking sheet and eggs. If you prefer the classic club sandwich, no problem, that’s included. For all steak lovers, there is a steak sandwich with grilled peppers. And there is also something cheesy: a sandwich with camembert, seared apple rings and cranberries.

Here you come to the recipe for the delicious sandwich from the baking sheet.

As a tower, from a sheet or from the pan – anyone can prepare these 6 sandwich recipes at home, even if there is no sandwich maker waiting in the cupboard for his next use.


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