Our 22 best tricks for Easter

Our 22 best tricks for Easter

Children, how time flies! Easter is just around the corner. And to celebrate this traditional spring festival in style, we’ve put together our 22 best tricks for Easter. Because handicrafts are simply part of Easter. And that’s not just limited to the popular egg painting. Curtain up for great craft ideas that will make your Easter unforgettable!

1-3 3 great new craft ideas for Easter

Decorating apartments, houses and gardens is one of the Germans’ favorite hobbies. In the time before Easter you can see eggs, daffodils, tulips, rabbits and chicks everywhere. Of course, you could go shopping in one of the popular decoration stores now, but home-made decoration is much nicer. And since the Easter holidays are about to begin, there is enough time for young and old to let off steam creatively. Here you come to the craft ideas for Easter.

4. Stuffed wool eggs

There are gifts and attentions on many occasions, but only one festival is associated with the special task of having to look for gifts. But that’s exactly the icing on the cake at Easter that is missing on all other occasions. Nothing is more beautiful than the radiant, wide-open children’s eyes when a new treat has been discovered in the bushes. And with this special present, the eyes become even bigger. Here you can find the instructions for the wool eggs.

5. Floating Easter decoration

An Easter bouquet decorated with eggs and figures, little chicks and bunnies on the cupboards and spring-like pictures in the windows – in many households it looks really nice in the days before Easter. Perhaps you are still looking for something very special for this year’s Easter decoration? Well, then you will find it here. Just get an old fork, a cup and a saucer as well as a few small decorative elements and you’re good to go. Here you can find the instructions for the floating decoration for Easter.

6. Creative Easter decorations with toilet paper

The right decoration in the house and garden is just as much a part of Easter as looking for eggs and cleaning up the chocolate bunny. Many furniture stores are literally bursting with creative decorative items every spring. It is very easy to make the right Easter decoration yourself. Try this pretty Easter egg made from toilet paper.

7-10 Decoration for Easter: 4 beautiful ideas

Here are more ideas for you that you can easily imitate – from filled Easter eggs to hang up to early bloomers planted in eggshells and pretty door wreaths to egg-shaped candles – everything is included. Here you can find the decorations for Easter.

11. Cute bunny vase

Forsythia bushes adorned with colorful eggs, blooming pussy willows and the supermarket shelves full of chocolate bunnies leave no doubt that Easter is ominously near. If the fever about the festival of colored eggs has grabbed you too, this funny vase will conjure up a gentle smile around the corners of your mouth. Here you can find the instructions for the bunny vase.

12-17 6 ideas for your Easter eggs

Do you also have eggs colored a few days before Easter at home every year? If so, you probably know how to make eggs look even more individual after dyeing them with stickers or individual painting. However, if you feel like a bit of variety when it comes to Easter egg decoration this year or if you are looking for new inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Fancy funny faces, cuddly babies, cute bunnies and cute pigs? Or can it be a little more exotic with cacti and fruits? We’ll show you 6 ideas for painted Easter eggs.

18.-22. 5 unique ideas for Easter eggs

Here you can find even more ideas for painted Easter eggs. Even the Easter bunny shouldn’t know that yet.

Ring in spring with our 22 best DIY ideas for Easter! Look forward to blooming daffodils and cherry trees, green leaves and a warming sun, cute rabbits and pretty (and above all delicious) Easter eggs. Happy Easter!

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