Old things that show their age

Old things that show their age

Really old things sometimes just have to give way to a replacement. Anyone who has ever had to throw their beloved ancient shoes in the trash knows how difficult it is to part with them.

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If you have to swap old things for new things, then it’s always fun to buy the old, well-proven model again and put the two generations next to each other.

Seeing old and new in one picture also gives you an idea of ​​how hard you’ve worn the item over time. Did it last for decades or did it fall apart after just a few months?

The following old things really deserve their retirement.

1. These boots are made for walking

After 6 active years, the trusty hiking boots were bought again. A difference like day and night.

They served me well for 6 years but it was time. $ 220 plus a $ 60 resole a couple years ago from the local cobbler. Looking forward to another 6 years. I’ve blown through $ 200 + Red Wings and Timberlands in months but these never failed me. (The holes happened a few months ago.) From r / Wellworn

2. Scrubbed down to the roots

After just a year, this oven brush was ready for retirement.

My wood fired oven brush after a year of heavy use vs a new one from r / Wellworn

3. A new light comes on

Theoretically, the flashlight will last much longer than 5 years, but a new one looks better.

5 years, time to retire the coast. Can’t find the same model, but here is its replacement. Thanks for never leaving me in the dark! from r / Wellworn

4. Long enough

“I wish I could remember how many years I wore the old pair.”

New vans vs old. Wish I could remember how many years i wore the old ones. Please don’t mind the dirty floors of my old camper van lol this was taken in 2017 while traveling – stopped in flagstaff, AZ to pick up a new pair! from r / Wellworn

5. Descaling will no longer help

These are water heating rods, one in old and one in new.

water heater elements from r / Wellworn

6. This is true love

Someone went to the trouble of finding a replacement for their partner’s childhood wallet, 23 years old.

Replaced my partners 23 year old wallet with a slightly used version from r / mildlyinteresting

7. From pale to bright

Towels from the swimming pool, sorted according to the degree of chlorination.

Perfect gradient, effect of chlorine over one year on pool towels at the hotel where I work from r / mildlyinteresting

8. Sun and wind

The left backpack was carried in a desert for two years.

Two and a half years in the Pilbara desert vs brand new from r / Wellworn

9. Make new out of old

“I cleaned my father’s 30-year-old leather armchair.”

I cleaned my dad’s 30 year old leather chair from r / mildlyinteresting

10. A new one has to come from here

A much-used baking sheet looks really old after just 2 years.

2 year old cookie sheet vs 2 week old from r / Wellworn

11. A life with rough edges

A glasses case that spends its life rolling around in a bag.

These glasses cases, carried everyday in my pocket for a year or so. from r / Wellworn

12. Faded and yellowed

The piece of carpet that is still colored just wasn’t in the sunlight.

This carpet (bought in 1992) lost its red where it was exposed to sunlight from r / Wellworn

13. In bright orange

After nine months of work there was a new apron.

New apron after nine months of part time work from r / Wellworn

14. The old one was very beautiful

The same spaceship, built once as a child and then tried again 15 years later.

A Lego I built when I was a kid, based off a catalog picture vs. the actual Lego set I bought 15 years later from r / mildlyinteresting

15. You just have to like dolls

It’s not a bit scary, just cute. Most certainly.

This is the same doll, one after 32 years of love, the other still pristine from r / Wellworn

Yes, it was really overdue here to swap a few old things for new replacements. Let’s see how long the new gems will last and when they too are so thoroughly worn that a new photo will be due.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / TigerBlue12 © Reddit / juancortiz88

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