Old-fashioned dress makes people laugh

Old-fashioned dress makes people laugh

Everything returns in fashion. But sometimes one wonders why long-buried trends are suddenly dug up again. This is the question that customers of a supermarket chain recently asked themselves when they stood in front of a curious fashion creation.

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The US discounter “Target” has succeeded in kicking off a fun internet trend with a clothing collection. The clothes look so wonderfully old-fashioned that the wearer feels transported back to a bygone age.

“Target has decided that – if we are already suffering from the pandemic – we can look like poor farmers whose fields have been devoured by grasshoppers,” says a customer on Facebook. And so the “Target Dress Challenge” was born: people across the country got into old-fashioned clothes and shared the funny and crazy pictures on the Internet.

1. Nobody messes with these two puritanical ladies.

2. “Woman, we need firewood!”

3. A film-ready scene.

4. The dress is too old-fashioned even for the horse.

5. The dung heap rounds off the farm idyll.

6. Only those who “have a pig” can survive the harsh winter.

7. A real all-round dress for the busy farmer, even in snow and cold.

8. The chicken has no good feeling.

9. The dress is perfectly tailored to the needs of the modern man.

10. The barn party can begin!

11. The closeness to nature is included in the price of the dress.

12. Chickens are the ultimate fashion accessory.

13. The Victorian thread also cuts a fine figure when collecting wood.

14. Those who want to become a farmer practice early.

15. The supermarket dress is also well received by the magical guild.

16. Like fallen out of time.

17. For today’s farmer, the dress offers stylish comfort …

18. … and maximum legroom.

19. Pitchforks can be easily combined with the puritanical look.

20. “If the farmer slips into a dress, the cow turns pale with envy.”

Whether intentionally or unintentionally: After all, the designers of these dresses have managed to attract attention. And somehow the old-fashioned clothes fit the current apocalyptic mood and give the crisis a face. Who knows – maybe the clothes will become the fashion trend of the year after all.

More funny pictures of weird fashion and beauty trends can be found here:

Thumbnails: © Facebook / Lorca Damon © Facebook / Jay Durham

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