Nature is so colorful: 20 nature photos and animal pictures

Nature is so colorful: 20 nature photos and animal pictures

Mother nature is and remains the greatest artist. When she reaches for a brush, Monet, Picasso and Co. can pack up, because compared to the colors of nature every supposed masterpiece is dreary and gray: Colorful animals, lush green plants and sparkling gemstones make every painting fade and surprise us every day. And anyone who claims that flora and fauna always look the same will be taught otherwise by pigment disorders such as albinism and melanism.

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The nice thing is that we don’t have to pay an entrance fee to admire these masterpieces of nature. Animal pictures and nature photos like the following make you astonished again and again at the splendor of colors that surrounds us.

1. “The printer ran out of ink.”

“Printer has run out of ink.”

2. This lizard’s regrown tail has a different color pattern than the rest of the body.

A lizard that i found today had a tail (that i assume it regrew) with a different pattern and color than the rest of its body. from r / mildlyinteresting

3. The wings of this newly hatched cicada compete with fairy wings.

Iridescent newly molted Cicada from r / pics

4. This sodalite “glows” when it is held in the light.

This radiant Sodalite mineral rock. Tenebrescence is the ability of minerals to change color when exposed to light.

5. A two-tone iris – also called iris heterochromia.

My friend’s iris is split in half

6. “My beard is almost exactly half white and half brown.”

7. In the Waitomo Caves (New Zealand) the cave ceiling shines like a magical starry sky. The source of the magical light are mushroom mosquito larvae, which attract their prey in this way.

Hidden depths

8. You don’t see a spotted squirrel every day.

Spotted a squirrel with unusual coloring! from r / mildlyinteresting

9. The sun illuminates an almost perfectly symmetrical section.

This shadow that perfectly lined up with the light pole from r / mildlyinteresting

10. “A part of heaven in your hand.”

A piece of the sky in your hand from r / aww

11. This floppy ear lives up to its name – “Bandit”.

I dont think I’ve ever met a dog that deserved to be called Bandit as much as this good boy. from r / aww

12. An unequal pair of siblings.

13. An inconspicuous stone on the outside, a shimmering opal on the inside.

Stunning opal reveal

14. This albino lobster was discovered by fishermen in New Brunswick, Canada and named “Lucky”.

15. Not only animals and humans, but also plants can have albinism.

One of my pepper seedlings is albino from r / mildlyinteresting

16. One eye with freckles.

The freckles in my eyes. from r / mildlyinteresting

17. The opposite of albinism – melanism – shows, as with this fox, in an unusual black color.

My fox caught on fire last night from r / misleading thumbnails

18. There is not always a pot full of gold at the end of the rainbow.

This rainbow coming out of our dumpster. from r / mildlyinteresting

19. The forest is alive: These colorful insects are not called “walking leaves” for nothing.

I love it when the leaves change color.

20. An “iguana palette” – nature can be so colorful.

🔥 These multi-colored iguanas look like a starter pack of baby monsters 🔥 from r / NatureIsFuckingLit

So many colors! You can’t get enough of extraordinary nature photos like these. No less fascinating are the curious and entertaining facts about the animals and plants in these photos.

Thumbnails: © Imgur / OctopussSevenTwo © Reddit / lijoar97

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