Master and mistress completely failed in grooming

Master and mistress completely failed in grooming

Grooming your dog may look easy with a professional, but if you have tried it yourself, you will find that you will curse the day you picked up the clipper in the first place. Because once Fiffi is defaced, it takes a while until the fur has grown back and the evidence of our bumbling lay work disappears again.

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But there is always someone who regrets it even more when we tamper with his beloved fur with the clipper with a touch of overconfidence: the dog!

1. “COVID-19 haircut. Mistakes happen!”

Covid19 haircut. Mistakes were made … from r / aww

2. “The dog salons are all closed due to COVID-19. My wife said to clip the dog. Hold my beer! “

Groomer closed due to Covid19. Wife told me to trim the dog. Hold my beer. from r / aww

3. “My dog ​​with his new haircut.”

My dog ​​after a haircut from r / aww

4. This poor guy looks like an alpaca with his new haircut.

5. In his situation everyone would feel like crying.

My dog ​​got a haircut .. from r / lookatmydog

6. “I also had to give my dog ​​a very deplorable quarantine haircut. I’m so sorry, boy. “

I, too, gave my dog ​​a deeply regrettable quarantine haircut. I’m so sorry, son. from r / aww

7. “I’m so sorry, baby! From now on we will only leave the grooming to the professionals. “

8. Who would have thought that this once cheerful dog could look so angry?

My dog ​​doesn’t seem amused at his haircut

9. This otherwise rather elegant lady is deeply offended, which you really can’t blame her with this circus clown haircut.

First time Quarantine groomer here! How’d I do? 😂 from r / poodles

10. A mix of lion and poodle: the Lödel.

11. “Her fur was so long that she couldn’t see anything, so I tried my best, but my poor Maggie May deserved better.”

It was so long she couldn’t see, so I tried my best but poor Maggie May deserved better! ✂️ 😔 from r / Yorkies

12. He shows the owner immediately what he thinks of the new step pattern.

I’m a vet and my dog, Marty McFly, comes to work with me a lot. Today he was not thrilled about having to sit still for a haircut. Thought you guys might like his face in this accidental picture.

13. And another case for the circus ring.

My dog ​​Simba’s ugly haircut

14. He really has a good reason for being in a bad mood!

So pretty much this dog was stood up on his hind legs for 2 days in protest to his haircut (not sure if not fake but it’s funny)

15. One would have suspected something clumsy under the thick fur.

To the guy whose dog got a haircut, I present my dog

16. How to turn a Shih Tzu into a Chihuahua, explained in two pictures:

So … I gave my dog ​​a haircut

17. Both dog and owner have to get used to this extreme change.

My dog ​​got a haircut!

You just can’t blame these dogs for being mad. Owners and mistresses have hopefully learned from their mistakes and prefer to leave the “hairdressing” to the professionals in the future.

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