Man with Down syndrome finds love and dream job

Man with Down syndrome finds love and dream job

Jake Pratt, 21, from Alabama is a young man who was born with Down syndrome. The diagnosis had surprised his parents and seemed to cast an ominous shadow over his life.

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“Doctors believed that his impairment would prevent him from leading a normal life. There is even a possibility that he will have to be referred to a special facility and become a burden to society, ”says Jake’s sister Amy.

But the fun-loving boy’s parents and siblings didn’t want to let that happen. “My family believed that Jake was no different and could do anything he wanted,” said Amy.

“He wanted to play on his high school football team. Although some people thought it was impossible, he still made it. It wanted to make a touchdown in a game and that wish came true. He wanted to go to university and he managed that too. “

Jake never complained about being born with Down syndrome, but made the best of his situation. He now even has two jobs: in the morning he works on a golf course and then he delivers packages for UPS.

“Jake is knowledgeable and worth it. I think it’s really great that he can prove that to his fellow human beings. He has overcome many hurdles and made a number of people aware that people with Down syndrome can achieve anything they aspire to, ”explains his sister.

Jake’s workplaces not only serve him for self-fulfillment and personal development, but also help to make new acquaintances. Dealing with other people is very important to Jake. His colleague Richard, for example, has become a good friend over time. Sometimes they even play golf together.

“The opportunity to work for UPS means so much to Jake. It is his dream to lead an independent life and not be a burden to anyone. He has achieved so much, but much would not have been possible if he had not been accepted and given him no chance, ”says Amy.

But the 21-year-old was not only able to achieve his goals professionally, he was also successful in love: Jake has been with his girlfriend Grace since high school. While Jake is more sociable, Grace is the shy type. Nevertheless, she took the first step and invited him to dance. Since then, their love has blossomed like on the first day four years ago.

The two want to spend their future together and dream of a beautiful wedding. At the moment Jake is still saving for the engagement ring, while Grace, who like Jake attends a university thanks to a special college program, is already planning her future marriage. They spend as much time together as possible. When Jake isn’t visiting them in person at college, they videochat at least once a day.

Jake hopes his story is an example of how people with Down syndrome can lead normal lives. “I want to inspire children with Down syndrome and be a role model for them. The most important thing is that we are not treated differently and just be friendly, ”he explains.

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