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Man on the phone with wife who is away from home

Man on the phone with wife who is away from home

Expressing compassion is not for everyone – especially not on the phone. The man in this joke of the day didn’t exactly lease empathy for himself.

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A woman goes on a business trip and her husband stays at home. Before she leaves, she asks her husband to take good care of her cat.

The next day she calls her husband and asks how the cat is. He replies: “The cat has just died.”

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She bursts into tears and says, “How can you be so rude! Why didn’t you teach me that gently? Today you could have said the cat was playing on the roof. And then tomorrow that it fell down, and the day after tomorrow that it unfortunately fell asleep overnight. “

After the woman has caught herself, she asks: “And how is my mother?” He replies: “She’s playing on the roof.”

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If only she hadn’t said anything! Sensitivity and empathy are simply not inherent in everyone. This is shown in a funny way by the following jokes:

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