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Man immediately gives shop to his children

Man immediately gives shop to his children

Everyone knows outstanding personalities who have achieved extraordinary things. Climbing a seemingly inaccessible mountain, making a revolutionary invention or founding a global corporation – these and similar difficult achievements instill great respect in many people.

Here are emotional stories that really inspire you. (Scroll down to the article.)

Nevertheless, one should not forget that many “simple” people may not make the headlines, but still lead an admirable life that one can also take as an example. A man from New York State is one such example, as evidenced by the following touching Facebook post shared by a son about his father:

“In my life I never saw this man read a book. Once I got a look at one of his last school reports. He only had one thing: sport.

His parents never had any money. That’s why he started working straight away after graduating from school. He put fruit and vegetables in the stalls of a grocery store near him. The owners later noticed that he was good at numbers.

Therefore, when he was twenty, he was promoted. He met my mother in the same shop. They married and not long after that I was born. For as long as I can remember, business has been a very important part of his life. He worked six days a week.

At some point he had saved enough money and bought the business from the owners. But he didn’t do this out of a special career awareness or something similar. When he came home from work, he was always there for us. He was always doing very well with his family. He never had periods when he had to hang out with his buddies. He was madly in love with my mother.

It was a nice pastime for him to spend time with his children. I always thought he was just a family guy. As I got older, I noticed that his ‘family’ includes all the employees who work for him.

None of our employees has ever terminated their employment. We have fifteen long-term employees – the youngest came to us ten years ago. Our employees stay because my father is always there for them. He supports you, whether after a divorce, parenting problems or poor health. One of our employees has a brain disease.

My father always drives him to his doctor’s appointments. Sometimes he’s too generous and helpful. He’s been exploited before, but he doesn’t care. He just keeps going and uses all his resources for other people. The man even received a handwritten note from Mother Teresa for giving away so much groceries.

Anyone entering the store today will likely find him putting fruit and vegetables in the stalls – just as he was when he was eighteen. He’s always very happy to tell people that he works for his children and that we could fire him anytime.

Everyone always thinks he’s just kidding. But that’s not true. The day he became sole owner of the business, he immediately signed the business over to his four children. I was there when that happened.

His lawyers wanted to convince him not to. They said to him: ‘You are giving everything away. You will work your whole life. ‘ He replied, ‘I was poor when I started this. And that’s how I want to stop. ‘”

It cannot be said often enough: this father of four is truly admirable! He will never go down in history as a great inventor or world-famous entrepreneur, but he will always live on in the hearts of his children and those around him who know and love him. You can find links to other interesting articles and galleries under this paragraph:

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