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Madison Haulter is defended against fat shaming by a friend

Madison Haulter is defended against fat shaming by a friend

Teenage boy Madison Haulter and her boyfriend Tre Baker attend their school prom together in Indianapolis, USA. Before that, the student in a pink sequin dress takes some couple photos and proudly posts them on Twitter.

These videos will warm your heart. (Scroll down to the article.)

But when she comes home and reads the comments below the pictures, Madison freezes. “Has he lost a bet?” A strange user wants to know and another says: “Wow, he loves you even though you are fat.”

© Twitter / Madison Booker

Your exhilaration from the ball is gone immediately. The American writes sadly the next morning: “I don’t understand why people are mean to other people they don’t even know.”

However, her friend Tre stands by her and tweets the sweetest reaction: “You’re not fat, baby. God made you for me You are perfect. “Since then, the Twitter community has been thrashing with consolation for the young woman:” Unhappy people do not want to see real happiness in other people, you looked absolutely adorable, “writes one user and” Your love is strong, let yourself go from such Don’t get people down! ”Is another comment.

The couple is happy about the encouraging words from all over the world. “I have a feeling that society doesn’t fully understand what internet bullying can do,” adds Tre. “A negative comment can haunt those affected for a lifetime.”

Thumbnail: ©Twitter / Madison Booker

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