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Love in old age: 20 cute pictures

Love in old age: 20 cute pictures

Anyone who believes in “true love” is often laughed at as a hopeless romantic. In fact, partnerships and marriages don’t seem to last forever. In 2018, around a third of all marriages in Germany were divorced.

These videos will warm your heart. (Scroll down to the article.)

Does it even still exist, the much-sung about love that lasts into old age? The following touching and cute pictures leave no doubt about it. These 20 sweet couples and married couples give you back your belief in eternal love:

1. “An elderly gentleman is sitting in the door of his car and is giving his beloved wife ice cream to eat.”

An elderly man sitting outside his car door feeding his beloved wife ice cream from r / MadeMeSmile

2. As Han Solo and Princess Leia (from the “Star Wars” film series) these two win every costume competition.

The cosplay game is over. Y’all can go home now. from r / StarWars

3. “My father, who has Alzheimer’s disease, kisses my stepmother. That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. “

My Dad with Alzheimer’s kissing stepmom. Sweetest thing I ever saw. from r / adorableoldpeople

4. Two die-hard Disney fans.

My grandma and grandpa matching! from r / adorableoldpeople

5. Together they overcome every obstacle.

old woman helping husband with robber’s ladder over the fence

6. If you still look at each other as in love after many decades as this 80-year-old couple, you’ve done everything right.

over 80 year old couple posing for a picture in the garden

7. The photo is faded – her love isn’t.

Just an old couple from Georgia from r / pics

8. No question about who belongs together here.

It’s so cute to see okder couples doing wholesome stuff like this. (I took this in December, sorry if it’s too late to post this.) From r / adorableoldpeople

9. “My aunt found love for the first time when she was 60.”

My aunt found love for the first time at 60! from r / adorableoldpeople

10. Love makes you inventive.

Relationship Goals from r / pics

11. After 40 years still in love as on the first day.

40 years later … from r / PastAndPresentPics

12. (Dance) partner for life.

old couple dancing at a festival

13. “Stay a while, you are so beautiful …”

ITAP of an elderly gentleman taking a picture of his wife from r / itookapicture

14. “My husband published a photo of our civil wedding because we cannot celebrate our wedding with others due to Corona. And yes, we’ve been in love with each other since preschool. “

Husband posted how we got married at the courthouse today because we cant have our wedding due to Corona. And yeah, we’ve been in love since kindergarten. #childhoodsweetheart from r / MadeMeSmile

15. Even in old age, they surprise each other anew every day.

old couple picking flowers in a meadow

16. “I posted a then (1958) and a today (2019) picture of my grandparents. Reddit user ‘REAL-soldiermelly’ has colored the black and white picture. My grandmother’s reaction was touching. She died suddenly on December 9th. She loved this picture so much that she was buried with the photo in hand. “

Posted a then (1958) and now (2019) picture of my grandparents in r / TheWayWeWere in September. Angel redditor u / REAL-soldiermelly colorized the b & w photo. Grandmama’s reaction was beautiful. She died unexpectedly 12/9. She loved the photo so, she was buried with it in her hands. I wish I had words. 💕 from r / HumansBeingBros

17. “They were a couple as teenagers, married someone else, and got back together 65 years later. My grandmother and her partner. “

They dated in their teens, married different people, and got back together 65 years later. My grandma and her boyfriend. 💛 from r / adorableoldpeople

18. They support each other.

old man carries his wife piggyback

19. “We met in 1997 in second grade. We are 21 years later. “

We met in second grade in 1997. Here we are 21 years later. from r / pics

20. “Every year at the summer solstice, my neighbor takes his wife out so that she can dress up as a fairy.”

Every year my neighbor takes his wife out to act like a fairy for summer solstice. Well done, old man. from r / pics

Even the ravages of time could not harm the love of these couples. If you’re still skeptical, here’s another 12 pieces of evidence that love doesn’t age.

Thumbnail: © Reddit / oda1337

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