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Looking at this picture reveals your personality

Looking at this picture reveals your personality

The way in which you perceive objects, music, films and images can say a lot about your own character. While you associate something positive with an experience, another person may see it very differently. Almost 100 years ago, the well-known Rorschach test showed that people can recognize very different things in the same ink stain.

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It is similar with the following picture. Which detail a viewer sees first in the picture can provide information about his character and psyche.

Did you look at the picture? The silhouette of the picture you saw first describes your personality.

You saw …

1.) … a skull.

Twitter / Rimsha Riaz

You are tolerant and gentle. Your friends and colleagues keep looking for advice from you because they see you as impartial and trusting. Generosity towards others is also a hallmark of your social skills. You are also very adaptable, so that you can adapt quickly to new situations and complete new tasks with ease.

2.) … a forest.

Twitter / Rimsha Riaz

You are a passionate person who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. Your sense of humor and your cheerful manner make people want to be around you. But you also take responsibility for your fellow human beings so that they trust you. When you have a creative idea, you try everything to implement it.

3.) … a girl.

Twitter / Rimsha Riaz

Your charm and creativity ensure that you are in the center of the action most of the time. However, some people tend to feel envious of you because of your open manner. You are a free spirit who does not want to commit (yet).

4.) … all three things at once.

Twitter / Rimsha Riaz

If you see all things at the same time, you not only have an excellent eye, but you belong to a rare kind of person. You are a rather reserved and shy person whose power of observation should not be underestimated. You see the world differently than most other people because you often take a closer look. Some people mistake your reluctance as arrogance, but your friends value you very much for your thoughtful manner.


Everyone sees the world in a different way and that’s a good thing. Because different characters make life really exciting. What did you first discover in the picture and which group do you belong to?

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Thumbnail: © Twitter / Rimsha Riaz

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