Joke of the day: embarrassing reunion in heaven

Joke of the day: embarrassing reunion in heaven

As the saying goes: You always see each other twice in life. But what about the afterlife? Perhaps one should be careful with a pious desire to see loved ones in heaven again. Otherwise you might end up like the woman in the following joke of the day.

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A woman dies and goes to heaven. At the gate of heaven she is received by Peter, who asks her if she has a wish. “I would like to see my husband again,” she says.

“Of course,” says Peter. “What’s his name?” “Dieter,” says the woman. “Dieter Meier.” Petrus scratches his beard and says: “Oh, that could be difficult. There are countless millions of Dieter Meier up here. Is there anything else by which we can recognize him? “

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The woman thinks about it for a moment and says: “Yes, if you ask like this: When he died, he told me that every time I were unfaithful to him, he would turn over in the grave.”

Peter sighs in relief, claps his hands and calls out to an angel: “All right! Gabriel, please get the Tornado Dieter! “

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It should be a heavenly interesting reunion! Sooner or later everything will catch up with you. There are also a few surprises waiting for you in front of the Heavenly Gate or Hell’s Gate. The protagonists can also sing a song about this in the following jokes:

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