Instagram vs. Reality: 13 Embarrassing Instagram Fails

Instagram vs. Reality: 13 Embarrassing Instagram Fails

To distinguish between reality and fiction has probably never been as difficult as it is today. Anyone who regularly looks at pictures on Instagram will have noticed that this platform is free of any flaws.

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The faces on the profile pictures of the users are ironed smooth with Photoshop without wrinkles, instead of their otherwise crooked teeth they suddenly have a strikingly bright white Hollywood smile and since their last post 3 days ago they seem to have lost an incredible 80 kg body weight. Now is the time to wake up! Because what is marketed everywhere as an ideal of beauty has nothing to do with reality for a long time.

The following Instagram fails from the “Instagram vs. Reality” category show that, on closer inspection, the stars in the influencer sky suddenly no longer sparkle as flawlessly as they want you to believe with every new post.

1. Even if it is difficult to believe, this is one and the same person.

Her profile picture versus video from r / Instagramreality

2. The frightening, almost embarrassing result of photo editing that is so taken for granted today.

Ad for a photoshopping app that showed up on my Instagram feed from r / Instagramreality

3. The pictures on the left were posted by the young woman depicted, the pictures on the right were published by the discotheque where the photos were taken. A medical diet miracle!

This “influencer” girl who works bottle service at some club downtown in my university town. If you’re going to edit, make sure you untag yourself! from r / Instagramreality

4. The perfect Instagram complexion is also just an illusion.

Insta post vs YouTube video from r / Instagramreality

5. Even a Katy Perry apparently thinks she needs the beauty filters.

IG vs. real life from r / Instagramreality

6. This shows how the “hourglass figure” that all women look at so enviously actually comes into being – namely on the computer!

I just watched a YouTube ad that was advertising an app that did this. There were images of 3 different girls before this one. from r / Instagramreality

7. Left with smoothing filter, right without.

Sums it up from r / Instagramreality

8. The question is whether she even recognizes herself in the photo on the right?

I finally found one in the wild from r / Instagramreality

9. Nothing is natural in the picture on the right either.

Didn’t believe these were the same person .. but they are from r / Instagramreality

10. Why all the filters when the original photo already looked perfect?

My first time actually seeing such alarmingly obvious facetune. Posted vs tagged from r / Instagramreality

11. The pore-free skin, which does not exist in nature, seems to be the ultimate beauty of the beauty elite on Instagram.

Doesn’t need Facetune IMO from r / Instagramreality

12. The head of the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner, looks even better without image editing than with.

What you post vs what you’re tagged in from r / Instagramreality

13. This influencer has millions of followers. Even though her pictures look more like a mannequin than a real person.

On her story vs. her posts, she has 3 million followers from r / Instagramreality

As you can see, the bitter fight between Instagram and reality is in full swing. In the end, however, reality overtakes every vain influencer and every supposed Instagram beauty. At least Instagram fails like this serve as a chilling example of unnatural and unhealthy ideals of beauty, and ultimately neither Instagram filters nor Photoshop can mask a person’s true character.

You can find more Instagram and Photoshop fails here:

Thumbnails: © Reddit / cherrimubi

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